The Movie Monday Society

Movie Monday after almost 7 years of operation became a society in May of 2000 Bruce Saunders is the Coordinator we have a small board to facilitate running the society.

The purpose(s) of the Society are:
  • To use film/video to provide education about the issues of mental illnesses and recovery;
  • To promote and encourage creative expression in film/video by providing a venue to present the artistic works of filmmakers, particularly those with mental illnesses;
  • To encourage understanding of mental illnesses through the use of film/video and to provide outreach to the general public and to individuals and families struggling with mental illnesses by inviting them into Victoriaıs psychiatric hospital for a positive, educational purpose;
  • To develop and advance cooperation between mental health service providers and mental health service consumers, their families and individuals who are living with mental illnesses within the community;
  • To provide supportive opportunities for people recovering from mental illnesses to volunteer in the Societyıs activities;
  • To advance accurate information, and to provide a forum for discussion, on mental health issues and, in particular, to advance such information from the perspective of those who have experienced mental illness;
  • To provide our services to the public regardless of income or mental and physical conditions;
  • To raise funds in order to carry out the above purposes -