Corporate sponsorship?

In 1997 this was the answer: So far we haven't had to prostitute ourselves to the scum of corporate America. They haven't asked us ... yet. But we're really pleased now to have some broad support, starting with really generous help from our local video store, Yo Video.

As of 2001 we're PROUD to say we now have a large and varied base of support. Still Yo Video is with us and now the Victoria branch of the BC Schizophenia Society, acknowledging our support of their familes is covering the cost of one of our pp licences. This web site is sponsored by And of course the biggest asset, the use of the theatre is still free for our use thanks to the Capital Health Region. From the Consumer and Family Initiatives portfolio of the CHR we receive funding that substantially supports our initiate as well.

For our annual film festivals we've found a wide range of mental health helping agencies and three major drug companies, Janssen, Eli Lilly, and Novartis, my son's school, my parents, the Victoria Branch, BC Schizophenia Society and we're particularly pleased to have strong support from Canada Council For The Arts who have recognized the work we do to promote Canadian film. See our Fest pages for details.