What formats can you show?

Anything on DVD, but any video souce can be directly plugged into the system. The image is translated by projector from a normal coaxial cable feed and flashed up to 8'x12' on the screen. DVDs are great as they often include theatrical trailers and extra background materials which can add much to our "value-added" screenings.

Do you need permission to show movies?

Yes, even though we're not charging, it's still necessary, for public performances, to honour the copyright holders for use of their material. The two location licenses (designed specially for non-charge public venues: bars, schools, etc.) that cover virtually all titles released theatrically are held by two brokers in Canada. Licenses from both of them cost about $1160 per year. We show a lot of independently made and distributed features, documentaries, and short films that all need to have rights negotiated and purchased. That is one of our biggest overheads as well as costs for presenters' honorariums and travel. We can still offer accessible entertainment which is one of our goals. We receive grants to cover some of these expenses but your donations (either at the door or, if by cheque over $10, for tax receipts) are always most appreciated!