Could I use the theatre for my own shows?

The hospital mandate for the facility is that it be used for education and health related functions so it would need to fall under those criteria. Try us with your idea, but be prepared to help and/or donate to the fund. We have done custom shows for the Operatic Society, 60 Gr.7's from St. Mikes School* and even a guy who wanted to introduce his lady-friend to the west coast with a country-western afternoon including a custom screening of High Noon. So try us!

How did you get to use the theatre?

The E.M.P. theatre was originally built for psycho-drama with theatrical lights etc. but recently has been used mainly for education, non-profit events, and large meetings, like AGM's.
Friends of Music, a big band and choir, was making good use of it for their program integrating musicians with and without mental illnesses several times weekly. I proposed to start using the theatre's video projector for weekly movie showings. My membership in the Mood Disorders Support Group gave me some pull but it's greatly to the credit of the Human Resources Department and Audio Visual Services that they took a chance on a manic depressive guy just out of hospital. We've gradually earned trust with the hospital by reliably keeping the place clean and secure and through the public profile in the media *improving* the facility to a state o' the art video theatre.