What proportion of the audience are current patients?

Only about 10%. Patients are often not well enough to concentrate on a movie or are not free to leave their ward (waiting to meet doctors or visitors). But it's there every Monday - it's made to be a creative alternative to the ward atmosphere, and it's most satisfying to see patients who have "graduated" and come back doing so much better.

Am I going to be uncomfortable with psychiatric patients in the theatre?
(often wondered but seldom asked...)

Hey, that's why we're doing Movie Monday. MM is about getting over the stigma that causes so much extra burden to those dealing with mental illness. Come join us for a film night and find out we're a pretty regular lot.
We've had very few problems. Sometimes there might be someone murmuring or rowdier than is normal. We expect to be a little more accepting of behaviors that people can't help, but we also expect appropriate behavior for a public venue. Let me know if anyone is acting out, it can usually be dealt with easily if we know what's happening. We've never had a violent incident, never any vandalism, a couple of drinkers have been asked to leave, that's all - probably better than most theatres.

* we do expect you to remove litter on the way out, please!