What do you get out of it?

Well, besides all the goals in the original concept statement, I get a unique opportunity to explore the role of art and movie impresario for no financial risk - it's a real rush to design events and see them come off in style. [See "More than just a free movie..."] I never thought I'd get out of my well worn rut to play in this fun and challenging field. *What would you feature if you had your own theatre?

Does your illness get in the way?
Hasn't yet, haven't had to cancel any events in 135! It's not always easy. Just a couple of times I've thought MM would fold, our glorious sign, just a relic of a great idea, and a couple of times I thought I might be running this thing from the inside of the mental hospital. But generally I think it's instrumental in keeping me well. I'm planning ahead, following through on plans made 2-3 months earlier - a real challenge and triumph for someone with M/D disorder. Each event successfully accomplished is another 'notch in the wheel barrow'!