The original concept...

To provide free, quality entertainment and social interaction for consumers of mental health services and their guests.

To encourage interaction between community and "consumers".

To provide entertaining and absorbing selections during which people can forget their troubles for a while.

To show to ourselves and to others that we can make things happen without financial support, using existing facilities, our own resources and energy. This may open doors for future projects.

To show movies at times when in-patients at EMP are able to see them as an alternative to "ward tv".

To provide Bruce a chance to run his own little theatre and share his favourite films, a long time dream. Hopefully to share this opportunity with others.

To show before the Feature, consumer produced videos, slide shows, graphic arts, music...

To produce graphics and marketing ideas spinning off from the original idea. (popcorn bags, relaxation tapes...

An increasing benefit of this project is the positive interface between people who have had direct experience with mental illness, and those who are "normal". A school class has custom-decorated our popcorn bags; neighbours on my street and friends - well and with marginal experience with the dark side of mental well being - are coming to performances and pitching in. An announcement just before show time goes out to the whole Jubilee complex in case mobile medical patients and medical nurses coming off shift can come. Housekeeping staff, fire/security people, EMP nurses and commisionaires have enjoyed our takeout popcorn.

We are providing a positive interaction between us and them. Because of the heavy stigma attached to psychiatric hospitals, some ex-patients may not come because of our location but on the other hand by using the EMP theatre as a positive resource we're softening the lines between being "intitutionalized" (having "failed"), and being "healthy" and "free" in the community. This project is a catalyst for breaking down that stigma.