Monday 6 Nov 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
A charming new film about Tibetan monks living in exile in an Indian Buddhist monastery - and obsessed with soccer, particularly the World Cup. Written and directed by Khyentse Norbu, a pre-eminent lama who studied filmmaking in New York and apprenticed with Bernardo Bertolucci.

Monday 13 Nov 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
Of special interest to those who saw our presentation of the Paul Bowles biography LET IT COME DOWN. This 1990 adaptation, by Bertolucci, of Bowles' existentialist novel, starring Debra Winger and John Malkovich, explores the same exotic physical and emotional landscape of American travellers in North Africa. Bowles hated it, I liked it. Read the book and let's talk about the pros and cons.

Monday 20 Nov 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
Hey, The Sound of Music was great fun so we're doing it again. I heard that JC Superstar, the play, is 30 yr. this month - isn't that a good enough reason to dress up and sing along to all those great tunes? We'll set up Jewison's classic film version karaoke style and offer rewards for best dressed.

Monday 27 Nov 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
This new Oscar nominated doc has won awards and hearts everywhere it plays. It's about a blind blues player who learns throatsinging and, with the help of some buddies, travels to remote Tuva to compete in a remarkable competition. It's about taking chances, the universal power of music and the resilience of the human spirit.

Monday 4 Dec 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
Disney's colourful and fun animated feature from 1977, full of beautiful art and great characters like Madame Medusa, Orville the albatross, and Evinrude the dragonfly.

Monday 11 Dec 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
A 93 min. doc from NFB that takes us into the sweat and dazzle fantasy world of pro wrestling. The film goes behind the scenes to reveal the personal story of Canadian star Bret Hart and a backroom WWF double-cross that threatened his career.

Monday 18 Dec 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
Take a break in the Christmas mayhem to be charmed by Carrie Hamilton (Carol Burnett's daughter) starring in a sweet 1988 tale of a punk-rock singer trying her luck in Japan's exotic culture. A Movie Monday audience-discovered gem that's a real crowd pleaser.

Monday 25 Dec 2000 alphabetical list  chronological list
A charming memoir about a boy's desire for a BB gun for Christmas. Set in 1940's America, it is a wonderful evocation of family life through a young person's eyes. Come out and see some family entertainment during that flat spot on Christmas Day.