Monday 1 Jan 2001 2:30 Matinee alphabetical list  chronological list
The new sequel that even improves on the original brilliant computer animated classic. Great fun to start the New Year.

Monday 8 Jan 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
I'm thrilled to have Christine Welsh, filmmaker and UVic prof, (whose previous films include WOMEN OF THE SHADOWS and KUPER ISLAND: Return to the Healing Circle), return to MM to present her latest project. It's a well made doc about the history and economic/social significance of this world famous local tradition, the "Indian Sweater".

Monday 15 Jan 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A saucy, middle-aged married woman who feels life has passed her by has a chance to live life a little more exuberantly on a holiday in Greece. A great mid-winter film get-away. Adapted from a hit play, wonderfully acted by the original Shirley, Pauline Collins.


Monday 29 Jan 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Errol Morris' amazing portrait of four extraordinarily inspired, driven individuals. A lion tamer, an elderly gardener maintaining a huge topiary landscape, a designer obsessed with creating the ideal environment for naked mole-rats, and an engineer at UCLA creating robots for remote exploration - all enthuse about their passions.

Monday 5 Feb 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This film, adapted from a book by the same name by Susanna Kaysen, describes a two year "interuption" in a young woman's life when she entered the nether world of a psychiatric hospital. The year her journey began was 1968 but the experience is not dated. The insight through a young woman's eyes of survival in an institution is as provocative as "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Snake Pit" in the lexicon of films about mental illness. Eating Disorders Awareness Week is Feb.4-10.

Monday 12 Feb 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This latest from the creator of the "Wallace and Gromit" series, is an amazing claymation feature film starring chickens with teeth and much intrigue about the hen house.

Monday 19 Feb 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Norman Jewison's latest release is based on the life story of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a prize fighter who was wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years. It's a great tale of redemption and of the way people can support and inspire one another to overcome personal obstacles.

Monday 26 Feb 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
I got cornered on a plane with this "star vehicle" for Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, and was surprised to find it a thoroughly delightful film, one I think the MM crowd will enjoy. She's a girl who has earned a rep for bolting at the alter. It's less predictable than you'd think.

Monday 5 Mar 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
MY FAIR LADY - The Sing Along And Dress Up
The third in our fun series of sing alongs, this classic laced with wonderful singable tunes will surely raise the roof. What will you wear? Free popcorn for those in costume. MM first screened this the "Winter of the Great Snow", the first Monday in Jan 1997, for a small but hardy audience that mushed out through the suddenly quiet streets of Victoria. We didn't realize then how much fun could be had by singing along!

Monday 12 Mar 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Robert Perkins' unique and intimate film of a solo canoe journey in Canada's far north. He records his impressions of a strangely beautiful landscape and in that solitude reflects on change and death and searches for new perspectives on his relationship with his aging father. Robert Perkins is a very interesting person living in Cambridge MA, a writer and filmmaker about several odysseys of body and soul and expects to be on hand for next year's Reel Madness Film Festival, if not before.

Monday 19 Mar 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
One of my favourites in this genre, this modern Western mystery from 1995 uncovers a Texas borderline intrigue that has 40 years of back history. John Sayles deftly and gracefully reveals a web of rich characters, plots, and a love story. Great story telling! Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Kris Kristofferson.

Monday 26 Mar 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Pamela is a hip, single, award winning journalist but there's something missing. What would have happened if she'd married Robert Dickson, her first love, and had kids? This sweet little Australian romantic comedy asks the question "What about the road not taken?" Unlike the rest of us, Pamela gets to find out.

Monday 2 Apr 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
From 1952 one of the all-time great musicals - an affectionate spoof of the turmoil that afflicted the motion picture industry in the late 1920's transition from silent to sound production. Singin' and dancin' with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Jean Hagen, Debbie Renolds, Syd Charisse.

Monday 9 Apr 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This documentary, by Victoria's Gumboot Productions, follows the creation of a monumental anti-war sculpture. Artists Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal painstakingly constructed the massive prison cell-sized installation from thousands of deactivated weapons from around the world. The sculture itself and the documentary are now travelling the world. We'll have one of the filmmakers, Penny Joy, with us to discuss both the projects (sculpture and film), their message, and their impact.

Monday 16 Apr 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A vagrant young actor is hired by a Montreal priest to produce a fresh interpretation of an Easter passion play. He produces a contemporized literal telling that captivates audiences, inflames the clergy, and wins the player's faith. One of Canada's great films, in French with English subtitles.

Monday 23 Apr 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A spell-binding film from Japan that poses the question to its cast as well as the audience: If you could choose one memory and that memory alone would remain with you forever, which would you choose? For the films characters their choosing comes at the end of their lives - we, happily, get to ponder that concept now.

Monday 30 Apr 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Now, by request, here's a period piece that strikes a cord for all us Boomers! Made in 1979, but wonderfully evoking the mood of the late Sixties, this offbeat drama has a few memorable tunes (Hair and The Dawning of Aquarius) and a surprisingly effective anti-war message.

Monday 7 May 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This new release won Best Screenplay for Cameron Crowe at this year's Oscars. That was great because it was his own experience portrayed in the film. He's since become a well known writer in Hollywood but this was his first assignment - following a rock band on tour for Rolling Stone Magazine. He was just 16 and green as grass, surrounded by the substances being abused, hedonistic rock stars-on-the rise, determined groupies and Great Music.

Monday 14 May 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This little documentary tells the tale of the engineers and programmers who populate Silicon Valley in Northern California and who are shaping the future of the technology industry. The director, a former programmer ­ turns her camera on this ultimate boyıs club where the demented and somewhatinfantile games and hobbies of these techno-geeks is a marvel to behold. & BREAKAWAY A really well made, provocative, and inspirational film about two guys in Nova Scotia who have had life changing injuries, one pretty much recovered helping the other to maximize his recovery.

Monday 21 May 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Marvelous 1983 adaptation of Ronald Harwood's play, adapted by him as well. It's about an aging actor/manager, Albert Finney, his dresser, Tom Courtenay, and the colourfully seamy theatre company touring England during WWII. Marvelous showbiz tale is lovingly told, superbly acted. A classic!

Monday 28 May 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Unusual characters and plot turns make this horticultural tale a winner. Starring the brilliant Brenda Bleyn (Secrets and Lies) and a cast of curious villagers conspiring to grow our protagonist out of debt with a high value cash crop.

Monday 4 Jun 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This movie from 1987 portrays a day in the life in a New York City brothel - a look at workers motivations, practical and business aspects, its humour and risks and emotional toll. This film is unblinking in its portrayal of the subject material and therefore includes suggested sex, nudity, language, violence. We'll be discussing the realities of Victoria's sex trade with a panel including women who've been there and are currently working to support people who are in and getting out of the business.

Monday 11 Jun 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A Refugee's Gift documents the efforts of a Victoria refugee couple, Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema to raise money to build a school and a community well in Joseph's childhood village of Kapasseni in Mozambique. It's a miraculous story of ordinary people (both work in custodial service in the Victoria hospital system) achieving world changing results by pursuing a dream. The Alfazema's Mozambique Choir, Gettin' Higher Choir, friends, and local filmmakers brought this project and film to fruition and MM is thrilled to present the whole story and the choir's live music to promote their further fund raising efforts. This will be an awesome event!

Monday 18 Jun 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
The third in a trilogy of brilliant and silly "mockumentaries". (don't miss "This is Spinal Tap" and "Waiting for Guffman") This time it's a gentle sendup of the dog-showing community, folks that take their animals and the competition very seriously indeed. About the funniest and best spirited comedy of manners you're ever going to find. Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara.

Monday 25 Jun 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A great new documentary about a Victoria family on a real life quest - to take their father's ashes to the waters of the Ganges. Daughter Jennifer Baichwal (maker of Paul Bowles - Let It Come Down) edited the footage that documents not only the perilous journey and deep impressions of a very foreign country, but also the personal story of their parents' "mixed marriage" with ramifications on both sides of their Indian/English family tree. Family members will be on hand to expand at our screening.

Monday 2 Jul 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Michael Douglas plays an aging prof and one-hit novelist having a really, really bad weekend. His wife's left him, his mistress has a surprise for him, his voracious editor is in town looking for a long awaited second book and a mordant and brilliant writing student becomes a catalyst for even more mayhem. Terrific ensemble crew with Frances McDormand, Robert Downey Jr., and Toby McGuire.

Monday July 9, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
MM Celebrates Gay Pride Week with ,this little miracle of a film from first time Halifax feature director/writer Thom Fitzgerald. Somewhat autobiographical, somewhat surreal, very insightful and completely original, this film speaks eloquently about acceptance and the damage we do when we are unaccepting of differences. R Note: watch for a double feature on the same theme in our venue later this week.

Monday July 16, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
I've long been meaning to include this classic animatronic marvel in our program. Jim Henson and Frank Oz created this elaborate fantasy with imaginative, often grotesque characters on a Tolkien-like quest. Pg warning: A treat for kids but some creepy Scecksies along the way!

Monday July 23, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Join Sinatra, Brando, Stubby Kaye, Jean Simmons for another of our famous dress-up-and-sing-alongs. Come and belt out irrestistable tunes like "Luck Be A Lady Tonight" and "Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat" G

Monday July 30, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A beekeeper finds himself in unfamiliar territory when he tries to help his estranged daughter-in-law. Peter Fonda, almost 30 years down the road from Easy Rider, deserved his Oscar nomination in 1997. "Slow and steady, like the the leading character, but rewarding entertainment, with Fonda a tower of strength in the best part he's ever had." Maltin's Guide R

Monday Aug 6, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This blockbuster, (the Hollywood version of a great European mini-series about the heroin trade, TRAFFIK) spins a complex plot that investigates the unwinnable "War on Drugs", particularly cocaine, in the West. Absolutely gripping! Rated Pg 13 - but every 13 year old should see it.

Monday Aug 13, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A profound, moving documentary set in an Indian prison - but with global humanitarian significance. An innovative woman administrator incorporates Vipassana meditation practice into her institution's culture, not just for prisoners but also for her staff, with profound positive results. The technique is being used in local prison settings where concepts such as Restorative Justice are being explored. We'll have special guests to enrich our presentation. Pg.

Monday Aug 20, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This remarkable Japanese animated film by the legendary Miyasaki is strikingly sweet tale of two young sisters in rural Japan and their magical encounter with a giant furry forest creature. Gorgeous art direction, excellent English dubb and gentle storyline make this film a wonderful experience for all.

Monday Aug 27, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
We don't show a lot of sports films at MM but summer is baseball season and this is the first and finest of Kevin Cosner's sports films. Susan Sarandon plays a dedicated groupie who, in her own special way, coaches her minor league "pick of the year" to maturity. Tim Robbins is outrageous as a wild young rooky. Fun, sassy, sexy.

Monday Sep 10, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This local documentary advocates people rediscovering their voice and using it. Leader Shivon Robinsong and The Gettin' Higher Choir (also guests at the memorable MM June event Journey To Kapasseni) who are featured in the film will be on stage to encourage you to find yours. Come Sing!

Monday Sep 17, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
New release, special items in our concession. The delicious tale of a beautiful stranger and her daughter who appear in a dour God-fearing village and open a chocolate shop - just before Lent. The results are almost magical. Starring Canadian actor Juliette Binoche. "A rich and dreamy quality and thick with plots and intrigue. On one level about temptation and good over evil. Love abounds around the giving and receiving of chocolate, its making, its presence, its consumption."

Monday Sep 24, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
A multi-award winning, provocative, and inspirational documentary about two guys in Nova Scotia who have had life changing injuries, one pretty much recovered helping the other to maximize his recovery. I've been in touch with Robert and Doug and have more of their story and an update to answer your curiosity.

Monday Oct 1, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This drama depicts a real life meeting in 1880 of a Maurice Bucke, a physician in charge of the Insane Asylum in London, Ontario, and American poet Walt Whitman. They share an idea that more compassionate attitude could revolutionize psychiatric treatment. Gail Simpson, Director of Canadian and Capital Mental Health Associations will join us for an insider's (oldtimer's) perspective of the history of mental illness treatment on this opening day of Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Monday Oct 8, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
From 1988, Michael Caine and Steve Martin at the peak of their craft as, respectively, sophisticated con man and crass American upstart competing to bilk rich female tourists on the French Riviera. "A genuine laugh riot"

Monday Oct 15, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Will Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET
Description This exciting 1996 version of the oft told tale is set in the future - same script but with guns and cars and cell phones, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio, and the extraordinary direction of Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge). This is a brilliant opportunity to showcase two clever shorts in the Shakespearean style; "Much Ado About Puberty" and "The Taming of the Shrink" by Seattle filmmaker Ken Boynton.

Monday Oct 22, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
This extraordinary first feature from Canadian filmmaker Bruce Spangler comes from his previous career as a child protection worker and his realization that situations, paradoxes and the stress of the work are seldom realistically portrayed. He's nailed it here. It's a gritty, documentary style drama about the decision to take kids from a household with drug addicted parents. The social worker is on the verge of burnout herself. The decisions are never black and white, but they can mean life or death. Stay for the post-film discussion. The evening is co-sponsored by the B.C. Association of Social Workers and the UVic School of Social Work. R

Monday Oct 29, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Halloween's coming. Time to repeat this fun portrait of the man many consider the worst director of all time. Both hilarious and touching, it focuses on Wood's single-mindedness and misplaced optimism, and his relationship with the fading Bela Lugosi (a deserved Oscar for Martin Landau). Johnny Depp is brilliant. Pg 13

Monday Nov 5, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
"AH...THE MONEY, THE MONEY, THE MONEY" - The Battle for Saltspring
When the roar of chainsaws shatter the quiet of Saltspring's idyllic setting, director Mort Ransen and other residents awake to an unexpected intrusion. A logging operation is underway in a central pristine valley. The award-winning director of "Margaret's Museum", Mort Ransen, turns his camera on his own community to document a lively and provocative debate. Mort Ransen will join us for a Q&E about the film and the issue. G

Monday Nov 12, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Bridget Jones is 32 years old and can't seem to find the right man. Her mother keeps setting her up with dorks, she and her boss have a sexual attraction, but his character seems less than admirable. She resolves to try harder. Renee Zelweger is wonderfully plucky and vulnerably funny in this sweet romantic comedy PG13

Monday Nov 19, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Atom Egoyan's favourite film, and his most successful, (my opinions as well). Exotica is a complex mystery set in a steamy Toronto strip club, pulsing to the music of Leonard Cohen. R
We'll be using Yo Video's crisp widescreen DVD and Atom's father, Joseph Egoyan, will be with us to discuss this film and Atom's career including his current project, ARARAT, about the Egoyans' Armenian roots.

Monday Nov 26, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
STILL LIFE GIVING - A Journey Into Outsider Art
A new film from Victoria's Nora Arajs and Across Borders Media introduces us to four artists in our city, exploring the visual range and the inspirational depth of Outsider Art. Q&E with Nora Arajs and WILD WHEELS returns to MM. This brilliant film shows the same range and depth as above and is definitely "outside" as filmmaker Harrod Blanc follows folks who use their cars as their canvases. G

Monday Dec 3, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
STAR TREK - Insurrection
I'm not a big sci-fi fan but this tale is fun and has some high minded themes running through it that make it a worthy MM choice. The age-old sci-fi problem of intervening in another civilization

Monday Dec 10, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Are you ready for a challenge? This is a tough thriller with a twist. We get into the minds eye of a man who has lost his memory but is determined to avenge his wife's murder. It's not spoiling the experience by telling you ahead of time that it starts at the end and works toward the start, except for the bits that go the other way. R Warning: some violence, there may be lots of discussion after the credits roll.

Monday Dec 17, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Perfect Son
A Canadian classic, not fancy stuff, just a well crafted film, strong thoughtful story that leaves you looking at life and death and assumptions about people in a different way. A solid first feature by Leonard Farlinger who's own brother died of AIDS Some sex and strong language.

Saturday Dec 22, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
Billy Elliot
Step away from the Christmas frenzy and join us for this warm hearted story of a lad from a Coal mining town in England who swapped boxing shoes for dancing slippers. A crowd pleaser! some coarse language.

Saturday Dec 29, 2001 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Marathon This is one of the first films I tried to find when I first began MM. Now that the American version is out the complete original 5 hr mini series is finally available. It's a completely engrossing story that, like TRAFFIC, describes the world of illegal drugs. In this case it's the opium/heroine trade involving the Britain / Germany / Pakistan triangle. The human toll it takes and the perplexing legal and political challenges it poses. A riveting script, solid cast, exotic places and a haunting sound track. It's five hours long, six episodes. We'll start at 4 pm, pizza break (not included in admission) half way through. Some coarse language, subtitles, violence.