Saturday 3 Jan 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Jurassic Park & Jaws
On a small island off the coast of Costa Rica exists a most unusual animal preserve by the name of Jurassic Park. Operated by dinosaur lover John Hammond, Jurassic Park is the first of its kind. Its population of creatures includes brachiosaurs, dilophosaurs, tricerotops, velociraptors, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, each of which has been cloned using the latest technology that takes DNA from dinosaur-biting prehistoric insects preserved in amber, and uses that DNA for the re-creation. When the consortium funding Jurassic Park become concerned that all is not as it should be, Hammond is forced to call in three experts: paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, his partner, paleo-botanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, and the brilliant-but-cynical mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm. When the trio arrives at Jurassic Park, they are astonished by what it represents. It doesn't take long, however, for astonishment to turn to horror.

Admit it, the first time you saw this movie, it made you afraid to go in the water. Jaws has a very simple story: Great White shark begins terrorizing small town in Maine, so three different personalities try to hunt it down. What makes the story worthwhile are the characters, which are each very dynamic and distinct.

The acting here is wonderful. Steven Spielberg could not have asked for a better cast for this: Roy Scheider, Richad Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw are all great in their roles (recently hired and still untested ex-New York cop who's terrified of the water, young Marine researcher from a wealthy family, and grizzled deep-sea fisherman with an Ahab complex). They play off each other wonderfully, even if it did create some animosity on the set.

Monday 05 Jan 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Marion Bridge & Wormhole
A reprise of my best movie-going experience of 2003. "Daniel McIvor has written an extraordinary family drama involving three sisters trying to deal with their dying mother (who has an alcoholic habit) and the shared secrets of their past. Surely a recipe for mawkish, formula family drama, MARION BRIDGE succeeds wonderfully thanks to McIvor's sharp, funny screenplay, strong performances by Molly Parker, Hollis McLaren, Stacy Smith and youngster Ellen Page, and an assured directorial hand by first-timer von Carolsfeld. MARION BRIDGE is filled with laugh-out-loud humor and powerful emotion as middle sister Agnes (Parker) returns to her rural, Cape Breton hometown after living wild in Toronto. Her two sisters Theresa and Louise view her return skeptically, but Agnes insists she's given up the booze and drugs she once played heavily with, and takes charge of their mother's care. Yet as in any family drama, those secrets preferred left undiscussed rear their ugly head. The sweeping Nova Scotia landscape echoes the arc of emotions of this troubled family dredged once more to the surface. A stand out film." I agree! MARION BRIDGE won the Outstanding Writer Award at the 2002 Atlantic Film Festival & the Best First Feature Award at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.
Also WORMHOLE An amazingly condenced short film about a young family's reaction to one of the children's disappearance. Pg13

Monday 12 Jan 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
This extraordinary first feature from Canadian filmmaker Bruce Spangler comes from his previous career as a child protection worker and his realization that situations, paradoxes and the stress of the work are seldom realistically portrayed. He's nailed it here. It's a gritty, documentary style drama about the decision to take kids from a household with drug addicted parents. The social worker is on the verge of burnout herself. The decisions are never black and white, but they can mean life or death. With filmmaker Bruce Spangler.

Monday 19 Jan 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Shooting Indians - A Journey With Jeffery Thomas
This documentary has a provocative title but refers to photography, as in Edward Curtis and a modern native photographer. There lots of grist for a discussion, the first of a number of films I have coming about the role and ethical considerations of the photographer. It has a great BC hook with a visit to Barb Cranmer in Alert Bay and as well as to the lady who played the princess in Curtis' film Land of the War Canoes (or Headhunters), in the film we see a segment of looping in the RBC Museum.

Monday 26 Jan 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Journey Of Lesra Martin & The Hurricane
THE JOURNEY OF LESRA MARTIN (1hr documentary) The story of the black kid from the ghetto who was inspired to free the Hurricane and who went on to be a lawyer and inspirational speaker, living in BC's interior. Also THE HURRICANE The movie based on that true story of Hurricane Carter. Rated R for language and some violence.

Monday 2 Feb 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia
A toothless man holding a pig's head. A gnarled old woman smoking a pipe. A long-bearded man sitting on his rickety bed, holding a banjo. Evangelical snake handlers. Poverty. They're images that haunt. But is it art or exploitation?

Described as one of the hottest documentary filmmakers in Canada, director Jennifer Baichwal probes the prickly question: at what point is art exploitation? Here she introduces us to the black and white photography of Shelby Lee Adams, whose gritty, controversial portraits of poor Appalachian families elicit both praise and criticism. Is he perpetuating the age-old hillbilly stereotypes that Kentucky folk would like to erase?

In addition to showing us stills of the photos themselves, Baichwal takes us behind the scenes, deep into Appalachian Kentucky, to flesh out the portraits for which Adams is so famous, and in the process, steers us straight into the heart of the issue for all those who document life on film. Jennifer Baichwal's other documentaries include The Holier It Gets and Let it Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles. This time she'll be with us.

Monday 9 Feb 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Frisco Kid
Gene Wilder plays a hapless rabbi from Poland heading overland through the Old West on his way to lead a synagogue in San Francisco. Obstacles that only Gene Wilder can find and poignant moments too. A film with a rythem all it's own. A hot tip from a "Frisco Kid" in our audience.

Monday 16 Feb 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
SPELLBOUND follows eight teenagers on their quest to win the 1999 National Spelling Bee. Wonderful, warm and intelligent documentary. It'll spellbind you!

Monday 23 Feb 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Hofmann's Potion
When LSD was first discovered it was investigated for it's uses as a clinical tool, perhaps to give insights into schizophenia and to treat alcohol addiction. A group of researchers in Saskatchewan including Victoria's Dr Abram Hoffer were pioneers in the medical uses while at Harvard Timothy Leary and others were exploring it's other possibilities.

Monday 1 Mar 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Flower And Garnet
A portrait of love and loss, hope and heartbreak in small-town British Columbia, Flower & Garnet is also a love poem forged between a sister and brother, both of whom are on the verge of life crises. Sixteen-year-old Flower is the daughter of a broken-down man whose wife died giving birth to a son, Garnet, nine years earlier. When Flower becomes pregnant, her decision to have the baby threatens the family she has worked so hard to maintain. But it is her brother Garnet who is the catalyst: he has now reached the age at which the questions he's asking are nowhere near as important as the answers he's being denied.

Monday 8 Mar 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
A Mighty Wind
Old folkies never die... we can only hope! A gentle sendup from the folks that brought you This Is Spinal Tap. Pg more ... Cast: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Parker Posey

Monday 15 Mar 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Life of Me
B.C. Premiere [60 mins.] 2003 (Canada)
"It is 30 minutes to curtain time for Rachel Manning and George Vukojevic. But this is no ordinary play and Rachel and George are not your average actors. A decade ago, both Rachel and George had promising careers in acting cut short by mental illness, (bipolar illness and schizophrenia respectively). Since then, they have barely been able to keep their lives together. But in less than half an hour they will enter the stage for the first time in a decade.

In mid-March 2003, six actors met in Toronto for the first time, when they had 10 days of rehearsals to combine their parts into one cohesive play. On March 30th, the last day of the 'Madness and Arts 2003 World Festival1, the six performed the results of their collaboration. These performers challenged their audience to abandon their assumptions of mental illness. They also wanted to turn their own lives around. Our cameras were there to witness whether they achieved their goal. Combining performance, process and character study, THE LIFE OF ME is a strong documentary about a powerful subject."

I liked this film a lot. It focuses particularly on two people sticking their heads way out, risking to see if they can accomplish something. If they can succeed it'll be a major hurdle overcome. This is a theme that many of us challenged by mental illness struggle with. Do I play it carefully, or go for the gusto? These folks are skating very near the edge. We're on tender hooks as the moment of truth is upon them.

Monday 22 Mar 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
A delightful discovery from the Victoria Indie Film Fest. A fresh new Montreal filmmaker's no-budget film that outclasses most big budget projects. Every shot is beautifully composed, memorable characters you really care about, and each scene has a reason and depth. Gavin Heffernan wrote and directed and co-starred as the reluctant protagonist in a journey "amidst the chaotic, yet seemingly predestined events of a Fall Montreal night". It is a labour of love project and it worked!

Monday 29 Mar 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Owning Mahowny
Brian Mahowny was a rising star at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. At twenty-four he was assistant manager of a major branch in the heart of Toronto's financial district. To his colleagues he was a workaholic. To his customers, he was astute, decisive and helpful. To his girlfriend, he was shy but engaging. None of them knew the other side of Brian Mahowny--the side that executed the largest single-handed bank fraud in Canadian history, grossing over $10 million in eighteen months to feed his gambling obsession.
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, John Hurt, Maury Chaykin.

Monday 5 Apr 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
American Splendor
Wherein Harvey Pekar ordinary, downtrodden guy demonstrates that "Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff". He became a comic book writer using his own miserable life as the topic and amazingly became a media star! A sweet, absolutely original story, told in a wonderfully innovative way. And the DVD has some great extras!

Monday 12 Apr 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Blue Crush
Feminist coming of age tale or guilty pleasure? I had fun watching this flick. Great surfing scenes in Hawaii take me back to my surfer days (you didn't know about my surfer days?).

Monday 19 Apr 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Off the Canvas
Now that we have gallery track lighting installed in our lobby we can better present the work of artists like James Picard and continue our discussions about the source of creativity. James is an incredibly hard-working guy, all the more productive because of his chronic insomnia.

Monday 26 Apr 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Dick - The Unmaking Of A President
An irreverent rewriting of history around the time of the Watergate scandal. Two very spinny girls meet Richard Nixon, are at first thrilled, then realize they can be instrumental in effecting policy and finally in his downfall. Clever and hilarious.

Monday 3 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
BEAT TRUTHS is a portrait of Graeme Kirkland - a short by Carolyn Wong about Toronto street bucket drummer. Also SAY I DO chronicles the stories of three 'mail-order brides' from the Philippines now living in BC.

Saturday 8 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
LAGAAN Once Upon a Time in India (2001)
Here's an epic that embodies the great tradition of Bollywood. Great song and dance seqences, wonderful camera work and innovative story telling. The Plot? Well it's a kind of a "Seven Samurai meets Fiddler On The Roof" taking place on a dusty cricket pitch in 1800's India. A nasty British Captain forces a community to risk paying triple "lagaan" (a userous tithe) to the Brits against a seemingly impossible win in a cricket game against the seasoned British team. Unfortunately cricket still remains an incomprehensible game! The length? Three and 3/4 hr with intermission, a break for eats. In Hindi and English with great subtitles.

Monday 10 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
A SLICE OF PRIMAL PIE and YINYIN/JADE LOVE with director Carolyn Wong - a fascinating portrait of a Chinese resident of Victoria by her granddaughter whose life interweaves an challenges the margins of the imigrant experience.

Also CHOW DONG HOY - Portraits from the Frontier. This documentary chronicles this Chinese imigrant's extraordinary life - from Vancouver in 1902 to the gold mines, forts and ranches of early British Columbia. As well as running general store in the Cariboo, from his photography side line, Hoy left an invaluable archive of the people of early BC. Many of his subjects were Asian immigrants and Native Indians in their ordinary roles as workers, cowboys, housewives - an invaluable insight to life in our early West.

Monday 17 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Americans abroad, almost innocents. Charlotte, fresh out of Yale with a degree in philosophy, is in Tokyo with her husband, a photographer whose work takes him away that week. She's adrift, her soul on ice. Bob, mid-50s, a semi-retired movie star, is there to make $2 million doing a Scotch ad. At home are a wife and young children, but he's jaded and melancholy. Both are jet-lagged, and Tokyo's culture and language push them further off kilter. When they meet in the hotel bar and spend their free time together for a few days, possibilities arise amidst the losses. Their friendship becomes an experience: does he have something to teach; can she reconnect him to life?

Monday 24 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
A wannabe rock star in need of cash poses as a substitute teacher at a prep school, and tries to turn his class into a rock band.

Monday 31 May 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Scott Smith's second directorial effort, FALLING ANGELS, is a gem of a film, based on Barbara Gowdy's acclaimed novel. Set against the backdrop of sixties' free love, the Cold War, LSD and the dawn of feminism, the film is a sardonic look at what really goes on beneath the surface of suburban harmony and bliss. From Volkswagen vans to home economics classes, FALLING ANGELS exquisitely captures the mood of an era.

Monday 7 June 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
AMANDLA: A Revolution In Four Part Harmony
Interviews, archival footage, and filmed performances highlight the role of music in the South African struggle against apartheid. An inspiring look at music as a catalyst for change.

Monday 14 June 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Say Anything
Cameron Crowe's winning 1989 film starring fresh-faced John Cusack as a charming underachiever who sets out clumsily but determinedly to win the heart of the seemingly unreachable a beautiful valedictorian.

Monday 21 June 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Reduce Speed & From Grief To Action
Two locally made films, informed cautionary tales, especially for young people anticipating tinkering with illicit drugs, about the consequences. Here's what it's really like straight from local people who've been there.

Monday 28 June 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Un Crabe Dans La Tete
This film from French Canada intrigues me. Those people seem so sophisticated and cool! This slick and quirky tale follows an underwater photographer whose life is turned upside down by a near death diving accident. R (French with excellent subtitles)

Monday 5 July 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
An LAPD cop (Pacino) and his partner (Donovan), are sent to Alaska to help solve the murder of a 17 year old girl. They're helped by a young, eager policewoman (Hilary Swank). Problem is that Pacino can't sleep, things start going horribly wrong and the killer is playing games with Pacino's mind. Featuring Robin Williams and shot in Alberni (The Land Of The Midnight Sun?) Directed by Christopher Nolan of MEMENTO fame. R (some violence, language, etc)

Monday 12 July 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Star Dreams
Crop circles are explored by someone who believes. I'm a sceptic, in case you're wondering, but find this a fun film and it'll drive some of our fans wild. Beautiful images of exquisite patterns created by aliens - or clever engineering students. We'll have the director, Robert Nicol, call in for a Q & A. He has a long list of films to his credit, many for NFB. Star Dreams is a pilot for a series OUR HOME IN THE STARS - a 6 part documentary series on E.T. contact.

Monday 19 July 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
People Say I'm Crazy
"a mind is a terrible thing to lose - this is the story of how I got mine back" John Cadigan
The real life story of an artist's 10 year struggle with schizophrenia. This film shows a different side of schizophrenia from recent Hollywood presentations. Here a typical young man, seriously ill, tackles the long haul, the setbacks, the small triumphs with an amazingly supportive family and therapist. An honest and moving film. That family includes a sister who is a documentary filmmaker and encouraged him to keep a video diary of his journey.

Monday 26 July 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Step Into Liquid
Surf the BIGGEST Waves in the World! The 4th in MM's series of surfer films, this one by the son of the Bruce Brown who made our first, the classic 1966 doc, ENDLESS SUMMER.

Monday 2 Aug 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Triplets of Belville
Fabulous, quirky, animated film. When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Beleville Sisters - an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire - to rescue him. An exciting new vision, this co-production between France, Belgium, Canada & UK, was brought to life over 5 years by Quebec resident, animator Sylvain Chomet.

Monday 9 Aug 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Drummer Boy
A feature film by Dr David Dawson (who was with us at MM last August with his film MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES CROSS about a young man experiencing the onset of schizophrenia. An amazing performance is turned by 22 year old Dominic Zamprogna best known for his lead in CBC tv series 'Edgemont'. Dr Dawson will present the film in person.

Monday 16 Aug 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Barbarian Invasions
Denys Arcand's provocative new comedy about sex, friendship, death, and all other things that invade our lives. Winner of many awards incl Oscar for Best Foreign Film and Genie for Best Homemade Film. Now here's a film to provoke some interesting discussion about something that the boomers are facing in a big way these days - Dying - how to face it, how to manage a part of living we try to deny. We'll have people join us who know the territory.

Monday 23 Aug 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Station Agent
A film you'll wish would never end. When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey to live a life of solitude, only to meet a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman dealing with her own personal loss. R (officially, for some language and drug use but a minor factor)

Monday 30 Aug 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Seducing Doctor Lewis
A doctor must be lured to a tiny isolated village to ensure a company commit to establishing a factory there that will in turn ensure the community's survival. The cunning villagers set out to seduce the young doctor. Sounds like a typical setup but the film has won over everyone who sees it. Cleaned up at Sundance and the Genies.French with subtitles G (I'd say Pg)

Saturday 11 Sep 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism (July 2004) 77 min A new, searing point-of-view doc that, like Mike Moore's tirades, entertainingly chops away effectively at the ankles of the Republicans' re-election expectations this fall. Watch this film and you'll never watch the "news" uncritically again. Fox's "Fair And Balanced" and "We Report and You Decide" tags look like the most Orwellian Newspeak when juxtaposed with montages of fragrant examples of journalistic bias. We'll put it into our local context with presentation by Stan Fox(!), mover and shaker behind the West Coast Media Society - In Victoria we've just had a media group dump most of it's commitment to local programming as soon as it got roots down in our community. - By donation - to continue our subversive work - with a brighter projector.

Monday 13 Sep 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam
Ann Marie Fleming explores her famous grandfather's life and times using an amazing technique of animating still photographs. Sam was a renowned, world-travelling vaudevillian with a company of acrobats magicians who included the filmmaker's parents. Filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming will join us by phone to speak about her work and famous ancestor.

Monday 20 Sep 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Stormy Weather: The Music Of Harold Arlen
The life of the composer of many of our most memorable standards, (Stormy Weather, Over The Rainbow, It's Only A Paper Moon, I've Got The World On A String, Come Rain Or Come Shine) was one of great success and personal sadness as his wife succumbed to mental illness. His music and life story are brought to us through a series of Chicago-like inventive performances by a star spangled cast including: Rufus Wainwright, Hawksly Workman, Jimmy Scott, Sandra Bernhard and many more. "...great, gorgeous...another stunner from Rhombus Media. Like many previous Rhombus productions, Stormy Weather a class of its own." Globe & Mail

Never heard of it? Well, it's Canadian, directed by Larry Weinstein who's consuming interest is bringing music stories to life on screen. His current project is Beethoven's Hair. For over 25 years Rhombus Media, in which he's a partner, has brought us films like The Red Violin and Last Night and a long, elegant series of productions focussed on dance and music.

Wednesday 22 Sep 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
When Billy Broke His Head and other tales of wonder
When Billy Golfus, an award-winning radio journalist, became brain injured in a motor scooter accident, he became one of the forty-three million Americans with disabilities - the nation's largest and most invisible minority. But this video, as he says, "ain't exactly your inspirational cripple story." It's a documentary with attitude, which will entertain, enlighten, and even enrage its viewers.

Monday 27 Sep 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Stuck On You
A surprisingly touching comedy. Don't look at the box. Don't think about it being made by the Farrelly Bros (except that it's very funny). Don't be put off by the fact that it's a comedy about co-joined twins who share a liver (they insist they're American, not Siamese) and that they re-locate to Hollywood so one can pursue a film acting career. I took this lovely little film as a wonderful fun way to illustrate how people can adapt to what the world deals them. These guys and all their variously abled buddies are winners! PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, and some language (there again, trust me on this one).

Monday 4 Oct 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
People Say I'm Crazy
By popular request, and a fit for MENTAL ILLNESS AWARENESS WEEK Oct 4-10 - a co-presentation with B.C. Schizophrenia Society, Victoria Branch - 3a mind is a terrible thing to lose - this is the story of how I got mine backy John Cadigan.

The real life story of an artist's 10 year struggle with schizophrenia. This film shows a different side of schizophrenia from recent Hollywood presentations. Here a typical young man, seriously ill, tackles the long haul, the setbacks, the small triumphs with an amazingly supportive family and therapist. An honest and moving film. That family includes a sister who is a documentary filmmaker and encouraged him to keep a video diary of his journey.

Monday 11 Oct 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Norway1s highest grossing film of all time is a winning Odd Couple comedy with an interesting twist: Felix and Oscar1s Norse counterparts are both outpatients at a state-run mental health facility. Off-beat, charming, funny, the film deftly manages to avoid many of the usual condescending stereotypes while bringing home the importance of a safe and independent housing and a supporting community. Something to consider on Thanksgiving day!

Monday 18 Oct 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Calendar Girls
A Women's Institute chapter's fundraising effort for a local hospital by posing nude for a calendar becomes a media sensation. Sound familar? We have some local examples and some we'll have special guests. The fascination with nudity is great way to draw attention and funds to a cause.

Wednesday 20 Oct 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The second in a series exploring brain injury co-hosted by psychology proffessor Dr Ron Skelton whose specialty is Cognitive Neuroscience.A multi-award winning, provocative, and inspirational documentary about two guys in Nova Scotia who have had life changing injuries, one pretty much recovered helping the other to maximize his recovery. With discussion including special guests. I'm in touch with Robert and Doug and have more of their story and an update to answer your curiosity.

Monday 25 Oct 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Dracula: Pages from the Virgin1s Diary
Now for something different. "This silent, black and white film (with touches of red!), adapted from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's interpretation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, is Guy Maddin's dramatic masterpiece (now joined by The Saddest Music in the World). It is an atmospheric, gothic work full of dance and eroticism, accompanied by Gustav Mahler's music. Clearly a modern film that has been styled to mimic the earliest works of cinema, Dracula: Pages from the Virgin1s Diary is grainy and its light is often distorted. It uses large, emphatic title cards that introduce the characters, give loose plot structure, and serve as ironically comic punctuation to the action. With Dracula, Madden has created a truly inspired work that successfully combines ballet, film, and horror."

Monday 1 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Winged Migration
An amazing film that grew from an early MM discovery - Canadian Bill Lishman's realized dream to fly with geese. It inspired the film Fly Away Home and now crews are flying with and filming flocks all over the world. The result is a gorgeous mediation on the wonder and persistance of birds and their survival on our trouble planet, shot over the course of three years on all seven continents.

Monday 8 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Europa Europa
A Jewish boy separated from his family in the early days of WWII poses as a German orphan and is taken into the heart of the Nazi world as a 'war hero' and eventually becomes a Hitler Youth. A kind of a Polish "Little Big Man" goes survives Nazi Germany and Russia. This film won Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and Oscar nomination for screenplay, a fit for upcoming Remembrance Day R (Nudity/Adult Situations)

Monday 15 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
The Snow Walker
A new film from our North based on Farly Mowat's 'Walk Well My Brother'. Against the rugged Artic Tundra landscape a bush pilot has crashed with a young Inuit woman passenger and the two have to use their wits to survive. It's a classic setup but a refreshingly well made film with a strong transformation theme. Pg

Wednesday 17 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Are you ready for a challenge? This is a tough thriller with a twist. We get into the minds eye of a man who has lost his memory but is determined to avenge his wife's murder. It's not spoiling the experience by telling you ahead of time that it starts at the end and works toward the start, except for the bits that go the other way. R Warning: some violence, there may be lots of discussion after the credits roll.

Monday 22 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Style Wars
"Filmed in New York in 1982, when hip hop was still in its infancy, STYLE WARS documents a number of young graffiti artists who were transforming the city with their unique art. These artists created a new visual language that was borne out of the hip hop subculture and, using the city's dilapidated subway system as a canvas, let the rest of New York know about it. Unfortunately, graffiti meant vandalism to Mayor Ed Koch, the NYPD, and the MTA, all of whom did their best to oppose the burgeoning movement. STYLE WARS has become a cultural emblem and ranks among the best hip hop films ever made. Embraced by the culture it depicts as well as by mainstream America, STYLE WARS was one of the first shots fired in the hip hop revolution that took the country by storm." Winner of the Grand Prize for documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival.

Monday 29 Nov 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Republic of Love & Rendevous
REPUBLIC OF LOVE Deepa Mehta's latest film "This enchanted romance set in the coldest city on earth is a contemporary look at the awkward road to love. As quickly as the protagonists meet, nerves tear them apart. Will they be able to abandon themselves to love, to something greater than they know?"

Also: RENDEZVOUS - a short film by Victoria's Passia Pandora "A woman's passion is awakened when her waiter invites her to tango." One clever 6 min continuous take.

Monday 6 Dec 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
With a hanging of Gerry Deiter's photos from the Montreal "Bed In" Just a few days before the anniversary of John Lennon's death and 35 years after the famous Bed In in Montreal, we'll show this great 1973 documentary of John's life. Our guest will be Gerry Deiter who was a photographer back in those heady days in Montreal, hanging out with the bedding couple, capturing a wonderful, intimate series that will be on display in our gallery for the evening. Imagine!

Monday 13 Dec 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Jay Silverheels - The Man Behind the Mask & Survival in the Bush
JAY SILVERHEELS - THE MAN BESIDE THE MASK 60min "Me do, kemo sabe." Who knew that the Lone Ranger1s faithful sidekick cringed every time he said those words? In 1949, at age 35, Mohawk actor Jay Silverheels became the first Aboriginal actor to play a Native American on television. He played the stoic, monosyllabic Tonto with poker-faced perfection, becoming the symbolic "Indian" to a generation. [He was also a boxer, lacross player and had harness race horses too] Jay Silverheels: The Man Beside the Mask will take viewers into the life of a man who was determined to make it big in Hollywood and leave his home Reserve and Indian heritage behind him. In later life, Silverheels changed direction and fought for better, more realistic roles for Natives in film and TV. He founded the Indian Actors' Workshop, and helped train other Native actors but he didn't live to see the results of his labour. Full of interviews with Jay's family, firends and colleagues, and hundreds of rare photos, Jay Silverheels: The Man Beside the Mask is an intimate look at the real man behind the larger-than-life character.

Also: SURVIVAL IN THE BUSH a quaint 1954 30 min NFB film wherein a reporter gets dropped in the wilds with a native woodsman who finds food, builds a birch bark canoe, kills a marauding bear, all equipped with only an axe(!) - basically saves his ass, while the reporter blabs away, 1954 style, about what's going on. - I think it's a nice 'Boomer Combo' with our 1950's hero Tonto's story.

Monday 20 Dec 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Love Actually & Christmas in Moose Factory
LOVE ACTUALLY Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England. A quirky romantic comedy for the season.

Also: NFB CHRISTMAS IN MOOSE FACTORY In their own words and drawings, Cree children show how their Christmas looks in this NFB 1971 short (13min) (Not all kids hanging out in malls this season)

Monday 27 Dec 2004 alphabetical list  chronological list
Shaolin Soccer
"'Soccer' is a bouillabaisse of comedy, action, romance, and dazzling soccer footage, forming an irresistible package to those looking for something they haven't seen before. ....breathtaking...deliriously inventive filmmaking skills"