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Let's start the New Year on an Up note! By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen (voiced by lovable grouch Ed Asner) sets out to fulfil his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn't alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip.

Monday 11 Jan 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Grey Gardens
Based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Onassis (both named Edith Bouvier Beale aka "Big and Little Edie") raised as Park Avenue débutantes but who withdrew from New York society, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home, "Grey Gardens." As their wealth and contact with the outside world dwindled, so did their grasp on reality. They were reintroduced to the world when international tabloids learned of a health department raid on their home, and Jackie swooped in to save her relatives. They seemed not to mind the squalor This HBO film steps behind the documentarians to give another dimension to this well-known Masyles 1975 Grey Gardens documentary. Special thanks to HBO for allowing us this opportunity to put this up on the big screen. A remarkable real story brought to life by Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

Monday 18 Jan 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
"Rocaterrania" became Renaldo Kuhler's lifelong obsession – secretly a coded story of his own life. His imagined and exquisitely illustrated country is a tiny nation of eastern European immigrants who purchased a tract of land along the Canadian border - just north of the Adirondacks. - after growing restless with America's notions of "democracy." Over 60 years Rocaterrania saw governments and rulers rise and decline. But, as filmmaker Brett Ingram, (maker of MM favourite Monster Road) reveals, each change in government reflects a deeper meaning for Renaldo, an outsider who struggled to escape a difficult childhood and searched for freedom within a nation of conformity. Pg13

Filmmaker Brett Ingram will be with us. Formerly a journalist, physics teacher, and electrical engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Program, Brett Ingram has been making films since 1990. His short documentaries and animated films have screened at more than 150 festivals, winning thirty awards collectively.

Ingram's first documentary feature, Monster Road, (included in the MM/Yo collection) won sixteen awards (including "Best Documentary" at the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival) and screened at more than ninety festivals and cinema venues internationally – including Movie Monday! Ingram teaches filmmaking in the Department of Media Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Also The Spine (2009, 11 min) a new and weirdly wonderful film by animator Chris Landreth who made the Oscar winning RYAN.

Monday 25 Jan 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Killer Whale and Crocodile
In Killer Whale and Crocodile carvers from two of the world's great carving traditions come together. A First Nations carver from Canada travels into the jungles of Papua New Guinea and a New Guinea carver travels to urban Canada. Together, they share each others cultures and learn about the myths and legends that inform their individual artistic styles.

In the Spring of 2006 John Marston, a young Coast Salish carver from Vancouver Island who has already gained a strong reputation for his innovative approach to traditional Coast Salish styles, visited Teddy Balangu, a carver from the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea. Teddy returned to Canada where he was the artist in residence at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia for 5 months. Brought to you by Victoria filmmakers Peter Campbell (of Gumboot Productions) and Arthur Holbrook and Elaine Monds, director of Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, BC and Dr. Carol Mayer, Curator for Oceania and Africa at the Museum of Anthropology.

Monday 1 Feb 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Wendy and Lucy
Here's the antithesis of the hot, flashy films that are entertaining us in the theatres these days. Here's a simple story about a few days in a woman and dog's life that I found engrossing. I hope you will too. It reminded me more of real life than most other films I've watched in years. Don't read reviews and ratings (it's best if you have know idea what happens next, that's real life...) R (for language) Just come and see this and we'll talk about it after.

Monday 8 Feb 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Every Little Step - The Journey of "A Chorus Line"
A Chorus Line was a tremendously successful Broadway Musical in the 70s through the 90s (I saw it in London ‘75 and it was brilliant) and it was an ok film by Michael Douglas (1985). This documentary follows a remounting of the musical and looks at the history of this enduring story against the backdrop of the current casting and workup to a new production. It's the perfect setup for a great reality show. This one is more than that.

Monday 15 Feb 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia
Dr Ruston will be doing psychiatric Rounds presentation the next morning 8am in our theatre) Richard Ruston was afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia before his daughter's, Delaney Ruston's, birth. After many years of shame, frustration and fear she decided to hide from her father and keep her phone number and address unlisted. But now, 10 years later, Richard is more stable on a newer medicine and Delaney, given her experiences as a doctor and a mother, decides to reconnect with her father. This is about their journey.

Dr Delaney will be presenting at Psychiatric Rounds Tuesday Feb 16 8 am

Filmmaker Bio: Delaney Ruston is an internal medicine doctor and award winning documentary filmmaker who founded her independent production company, MyDoc Productions 10 years ago. Films by MyDoc productions have focused on controversial medical themes, such If She Knew, which explores the ethics of withholding bad news from patients, and Crossroads, the Intersection of Pain and Addiction. Ruston began her focus on mental illness with her short about her relationship with her mentally ill father entitled, Unlisted which aired on PBS (and screened at MM years ago). This film became the catalyst for her recent feature documentary, Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia. Ruston has also just completed Crisis and Control: What's the Role of Psychiatric Advance Directives (which addresses some of the problems she experienced with her father's situation - view a rough cut). In production is another film on mental health entitled; Where in the world is Mental Health? This film will provide a much needed global perspective on the care of the severely mentally ill. Filming was done thus far in China and France (she's currently in India). Ruston completed medical school at Stanford University and a Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Medical Ethics at the University of California at San Francisco. All the while Delaney has been producing films, she has also been providing primary medical care in clinics for underserved patients, particularly the Pikes Market district of Seattle. She lives with her husband and two young children.

Monday 22 Feb 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself as an out-of-luck actor. He is out of money; his agent cannot find him a decent production; and the judge in a custody battle is inclined to give custody of his daughter over to his ex-wife. He returns to his childhood home of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where he is still considered a national icon. Then he gets drawn into a bank heist. Can he rise to the occasion? To date, this is the only Van Damme film to be listed as Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer at 85%! Rated R for language and some violence.

Monday 1 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Mrs Doubtfire
Comedy Tonight! An out of work voice-over actor and his wife get divorced, with the wife gaining custody of the three children. Unhappy with the alotted time given him to spend with the kids, the father dresses up as an old lady and gets a job as the kids' nanny.

Monday 8 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Stuart Saves His Family
This special screening of a Movie Monday favourite is especially for volunteers in VIHA. We follow a sweet, earnest guy from an amazingly dysfunctional family through a year in his life: his journal, his cable tv "affirmations" show, rescuing his family where he can, (and himself when he can't and retreating to his bed with a bag of Oreos when he gets overwhelmed. But he keeps trying and he is "Good enough, and smart enough, and gol-darn it, people like [him]" Stuart is a model of recovery we can all take to our hearts. From now- US Senator Al Franken's book and screenplay, directed by legendary Harold Ramis. PG13 more
cast: Al Franken, Laura San Giacomo, Vincent D'Onofrio, Shirley Knight, Harris Yulin

Ever been in a support group? Ever had a little dysfunction in your family? This Monday's Stuart Saves His Family will tickle your funny bone and strike a cord as well. It's a smart little film with a heart of gold.

Wikipedia: Siskel and Ebert each gave the film a "thumbs up" rating, with Siskel calling it "smart and hip" and Ebert saying that "it has more courage than a lot of serious films."[1] The film also received good reviews from The Washington Post, Deseret News, and the Chicago Reader. However, the film scored a 29% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

The film did not fare well at the box office, earning only $911,310. This followed the box-office failures of other SNL-adaptations. Franken mentioned his depression following the film's [boxoffice] failure in his 2003 book, Oh, the Things I Know! A Guide to Success, or Failing That, Happiness.

Shortly after the movie left the theaters, Saturday Night Live featured a "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" sketch that parodied the poor box office returns. Stuart was depressed and bitter throughout the entire segment and lambasted the audience for choosing other movies (such as Dumb and Dumber) over his.

Although the film flopped at the box office, it is often played for patients attending rehab.

MM audiences love it. A psychiatrist who specializes in mental health films (, who I alerted to it, said he and his wife thought it was "a stinker". I can't explain it - except he might be a Republican. Franken's books run with titles like; Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations and Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.

Monday 15 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
We showed this film last year. It's an important topic that provokes discussion. Just because we are alive we all have to deal with dying.

This time we'll have people from Victoria's palliative care community with us to talk about our views of how people facing their end of life should be assisted.

Griefwalker is a film about death. More specifically, it's about how Western culture approaches death. Even more specifically, according to filmmaker Tim Wilson's close friend Stephen Jenkinson, Griefwalker is about how Western culture doesn't approach death. Join with special guests in an open discussion about this film and topic. Who would you want at your bedside?

Saturday 20 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Provocative Exposure: The moment intensified - Toby Snelgrove photo show and tell.
High Dynamic Range Photography, 2007, 77 min "Ever since Ansel Adams pushed the dynamic range of B&W photography, film photography has found ways to capture images and push their dynamic range. Whether it was through the developing process by, for example, under exposing then over developing the film, or in the darkroom through dodging and burning, the artist began to "paint" pictures. In some applications, these techniques would allow images to be more true to the eye (bringing out shadow detail seen but lost with a normal exposure) or, with other applications, take the viewer well beyond what the eye could see. With the emergence of digital photography, these possibilities have been expanded and brought within the reach of all photographers.

HDR photography is a process where several images are taken of a scene at different exposure settings in order to capture all the information from highlights to shadow detail. When processed through an HDR software, such as Photomatrix, images are layered and the artist is able to craft his/her images using all this information to create their art. The result can be not obvious to the viewer with the expanded dynamic range appearing normal. Alternatively, the results can be quite dynamic with the expanded light and colour range inviting the viewer to see detail often overlooked."

Toby Snelgrove, a freelance photographer based on Mayne Island has been experimenting with HDR for the past year. Recently he has had several shows and he has been photographing at the Olympics. His work exhibited on Mayne Island caught my attention and had the place abuzz.

See Toby Snelgrove's trailer for his discussion on high dynamic range photography. Though relatively new to HDR, Toby will serve up an interactive primer based on his experience with HDR photography. We will project examples of his work on the big screen, both the original images and the enhanced HDR versions. As well, examples of his work will be displayed for viewing and sale in our lobby/gallery.

Toby Snelgrove is also a Counsellor, consultant and trainer in the field of trauma management.

Monday 22 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
The Snow Walker
In 1953, in Arctic, a bush pilot begrudgingly changes his flight plan to bring the local native woman with tuberculosis to a hospital for treatment.The plane crashes and they have to struggle for survival. He learns from his charge how to survive in this foreign region, forming a bond of respect and friendship with her. Directed by Charles Martin Smith. Q&A with Charles Martin Smith. PG

Monday 29 Mar 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
A story about two strangers. One a little stranger than the other... Soon after moving in, Beth, a brainy, beautiful writer damaged from a past relationship encounters Adam, the handsome, but odd, fellow in the downstairs apartment whose awkwardness is perplexing. Beth and Adam's ultimate connection leads to a tricky relationship that exemplifies something universal: truly reaching another person means bravely stretching into uncomfortable territory and the resulting shake-up can be liberating. PG

Monday 5 Apr 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Whip It
Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut with this feisty, female-friendly action-comedy. Canada's darling, Ellen Page, stars as Bliss Cavendar, a young woman who longs to break free of her small-town bonds by joining the rough-and-tumble sport of roller derby in nearby Austin, Texas.

"It has guts, charm, and a black-and-blue sweetness..." -- Roger Ebert This'll be fun! Pg13

Monday 12 Apr 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Perfect Heros & Playing The Machines
Perfect Heros & Playing The Machines are from a neat little NFLD outfit. Two documentaries from a nifty NFLD company, Morag Loves Company - both about addictions. PERFECT HEROS, is about romance novels, the people who write them, those who voraciously consume them, even the people who model for the covers.

And PLAYING THE MACHINES, a more pernicious, government encouraged addiction that is expanding in our culture and is becoming a serious addiction for our citizens - and our governments. They need the income in spite of the damage done to VLT addicts. Gordon Pinsent narrates.

Monday 19 Apr 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Up In the Air
Our protagonist's job is to fire people from theirs. He loves his job and the freedom of flying about the country doing it. But now his style of doing business is threatened with downsizing - and he has to train a naive, ambitious young woman. This film by Canadian Jason Reitman (gone Hollywood) is not the formula you might have been expecting. It was a contender for six Oscars: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, and two Supporting Roles.

Monday 26 Apr 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Inlaws and Outlaws
With remarkable honesty, good humor, great music and real heart, Inlaws & Outlaws weaves together true stories of couples and singles, gay and straight, to embrace what we all have in common: we love.

As their stories unfold, and stereotypes are exposed, you won't care who is gay or straight, because you will be rooting for everybody.

Monday 3 May 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
"36-24-36" with ex-pat Victoria filmmaker Roderick Taylor, Mask Removal Productions by phone from Kitimat.

An insightful feature length documentary film, made by pre-adolescent girls, that explores the issue of female body image and its correlation with eating disorders.

The film gives the viewer a firsthand perspective of Jessica and Shannon's battles with anorexia while lending itself to the professional opinions of counsellors and dieticians who work with adolescent women. It also explores the reality and insights of pre-adolescent girls who, prior to making this film, thought very little about the perception of female body image within our society. View the film's trailer or a printable poster (pdf file 95 k).

"Making this film was a very unique experience because we put the power of filmmaking in the hands of 12-year-old girls, which was a first for Mask Removal Productions. Never before have we pushed such a young group of kids to make such a serious and lengthy film." - Roderick Taylor, Director/Founder of Mask Removal Productions with us by phone, along with local experts in the field.

The film approaches the concept of female body image and its correlation with eating disorders from a totally pre-adolescent perspective, as it was made by a small group of 12-year-old girls in Kitimat, BC, with the supervision and support of two volunteers who work as child & youth clinical counsellors.

"Going through the process of making this film really made me question how female body image is constructed in our society. I hope it does the same for others." - Andrea Sanders-Crouch, Filmmaker.

"36-24-36" was three years in the making and received zero funding, with all contributions to its creation being completely voluntary. Despite this, the film holds a professional air that goes way beyond the capabilities of its pre-adolescent creators.

Monday 10 May 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Ferron: Girl On The Road
Ferron is a folk-rock singer songwriter who delivers each performance with an enigmatic calm and beauty that has drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Her intricate lyrics and guitar-driven melodies gained her serious credentials with critics and has inspired generations of women musicians including the Indigo Girls, Ani Difranco, and JD Samson (Le Tigre). Ferron has also faced her share of adversity from the same fans and followers of her music who fault her for including men in her band.

Girl on a Road is in essence a concert movie that captures musical performances and backstage interviews with Ferron and her band members after a ten-year absence from touring. We are privy to intimate confessions and reflections both personal and professional including Ferron's flirtation with a major record label, her chaotic childhood and how her own identity as a woman, an Indian, a French-Canadian and as a lesbian is reflected in her life and in her art." From Gerry Rogers NS filmmaker of My Left Breast This is a wonderful film! You're going to Love this evening!

Monday 17 May 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Oliver Schroer - Silence At The Heart Of Things
Silence At The Heart Of Things is a documentary about Oliver Schroer, fiddler extraordinaire. In a career cut short by illness, the Canadian artist recorded and produced more than 100 albums, composed some 1,000 pieces of music and inspired a generation of young musicians! The film follows Oliver in the last months of his life as he collaborates with musicians who have come from abroad to work with him. Through his own words, the documentary explores Oliver's music and the unique voice he brought to his instrument, a voice that challenges traditional views of the fiddle. Featuring excerpts from Oliver's last sold-out concert, Silence At The Heart Of Things is a joyful celebration of his life's work.

Monday 24 May 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
An Education
A coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in 1960s suburban London, and how her life changes with the arrival of a playboy nearly twice her age. Carey Mulligan is luminous, Peter Sarsgaard is the perfect likeable cad.

It's an old story but beautifully told - an education. Deservedly nominated for three Oscars; Best Picture, Writing, and Actor (Carey Mulligan).

Monday 31 May 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Here Are The News: The life of Miss Edith Josie
Edith Josie, was an Aboriginal elder whose News was the voice Old Crow, Yukon (pop. 300), for more than 50 years. Her column was widely read and loved for it's folksy style and Gwit'chin world view. It won her a Life Magazine feature and numerous visits on air with Peter Gzowski. She was loved for her winning laugh and her dogged work to preserve her language, her people's traditional way of life, language and values. She died just last January 31, at 88.

Her friend, Cathleen Smith, a non-Aboriginal (although they were "honorary sisters") made this tribute to her friend from a trunkful of gathered media clips, films, photos, clippings and interviews. Cathleen will be with us for Q&A and is a great raconteur! You'll love both these ladies. Pg

Monday 7 Jun 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Canvas is the loosely biographical story of writer/director Joseph Greco. Greco uses Canvas to explore mental illness through the eyes of a child (Devon Gearhart) as he learns to cope with his mother (Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden) who has schizophrenia. Actor Joe Pantoliano is brilliant as the compassionate and often bewildered head of a family in crisis.

Canvas has been applauded by doctors and members of the mental health community for Harden's accurate portrayal of schizophrenia.

"This is a film you cannot watch and forget right away," states a release posted on the Rome Film Fest trailerWeb site. "It goes right to the heart with its portrait of strength and determination of a family in fighting the mother's illness. The courage of the director, who has based the film on his own childhood, is simply unbelievable."

Winner of numerous audience awards, Canvas is another excellent vehicle to explore the impact of mental illness on a family. Pg13

Monday 14 Jun 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Music Man Singalong
You got Trouble?? Come have some fun at Movie Monday's 17th Anniversary.

Here's a chance to revisit arguably the greatest of all musicals and holler out some great tunes like Seventy Six Trombones, Marian The Librarian, Gary Indiana, Goodnight Ladies, Trouble, Goodnight, My Someone, Till There Was You and more! Prof. Harold Hill (Robert Preston) and Marion Paroo (Shirley Jones) will lead you and Buddy Hackett and little Ronny Howard fill in the gaps in this. PG

Monday 21 Jun 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Peace Warrior
The ultimate recovery story, this is a truly incredible film about Capt. Trevor Greene, the reservist who was attacked in Afghanistan with an axe to the head. He came home comatose and expected to stay that way, if he lived at all. He and his wife-to-be have worked astonishingly hard on his recovery, surprising everyone.

They live in Nanaimo and be joining us for the film and a Q&A to follow!

Update: About the film's Gemini win for Best Biography Documentary! "Peace Warrior has already won Best Biography Documentary at the Yorkton Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle Award, and was a finalist at both the Gabriel Awards and the Freddie Awards in the U.S."

Monday 28 Jun 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Iron Maiden Flight 666
By local boys Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen who've made a name for themselves worldwide with Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Global Metal, and most recently the hit Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage. This 2009 film follows I M on an incredible, power world tour from the inside.

So you want to cover the world? You modify a Boeing 757 to take 12 tons of music and stage equipment on board, playing 23 sold out stadium and arena shows in 13 countries in just 45 days, traveling 70,000km and performing to almost half a million fans – and put your lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, a licensed pilot, at the helm. It's an amazing story told brilliantly. You don't need to like metal music to have a great time with this film, I don't and I did.

Monday 5 Jul 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué ma mère)
No actual mother killing happens in this amazing first film written and directed by 20-year-old Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan. The turbulent relationship between a precocious gay son and his crass single mother unfolds with a compelling combination of savage fury, humour, and melting affection. This stunning, semi-autobiographical directing debut wowed critics (and me) and won three prizes at Cannes Fest. PG13

Monday 12 Jul 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Program of Yukon Films, "The People and the Place"
Picturing a People: George Johnston, Tlingit Photographer, 51 min, Carol Geddes, Documentary, 1997, NFB – Montreal. This documentary is celebrated as the first truly Yukon film. Made by Carol Geddes, Picturing a People is an ambitious retelling of the story of a Tlingit man whose photos captured the before-and-after of the great change: the building of the Alaska Highway. Carol's film epitomizes what Yukon cinema has become, a view of the Yukon from the Yukon.

Dawson Town Melted Down, 6 min, Lulu Keating, Personal Documentary, 2007, Dawson City, YT. Why the hell did you move to the Yukon? The answer is a playful portrait of Dawson City, the lies and the truths of this frontier town. Shot mostly on 16 mm film with a Bolex wind-up camera, the film was hand processed.

Geh eenjit di' tr'iheetl'yaa (We Will Set Snares for Rabbit), 6 min, Mary Jane Moses, Documentary, 2010, Old Crow YT. This film is about my Gwich'in culture. Rabbit snaring is a traditional skill learnt as a child. The film incorporates my culture, language and way of ife which still continues today.

Her Man Plan, 6 min, Lulu Keating, Drama, 2010, Dawson City, YT. Way back when she was a kid, Stephanie decided that 2010 is the year she'd take a man. As she mushes across the Yukon River to fetch her man of choice, she is ambushed by another man who wins her heart.

Contained Chaos: the Kinetic Art of Philippe LeBlond, 5 min, Rod Jacob, 2007, Whitehorse, YT. Whitehorse bicycle mechanic Philippe LeBlond spends his spare time designing and building quirky kinetic sculptures out of metal. This short documentary explores the inner workings of the artist and his sculptures.

Boar Attack, 4 min, Jay White, Animation, 2007, Whitehorse, YT. Having grown up in the shadow of his father (a successful ballerina), a boy is forced to confront his fears. What caused his father to mysteriously disappear in the woods? Was it a diseased insect? Diarrhea? Or even a PIG? The boy must find a way to accept his loss, or face a fate worse than death.

Monday 19 Jul 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Crazy Heart
The simple story of a Merle Haggard [or Kris Kristofferson]-type has been who falls in love with a younger reporter is aided greatly by excellent songs and dazzling performances by Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Colin Farrell. Life on the road and life as an alcoholic, when is it time to change? - we'll be talking about that. Rated R for language

Monday 26 Jul 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Art As Mirror
Tonight we featured two films by local filmmaker Sherry LePage and a lobby full of paintings.

Art As Mirror A celebration of Canada's visual arts heritage (26 min) about Jeremie Gyles, a renaissance man who, as one of his many projects, painted a posthumous homage to seventy-two Canadian artists in each with a sample of their work in the image. A couple of retired teachers bought the collection and will be presenting some of the canvases.

Also Baghdad To Peace Country (28 min) about a giant artwork Victorian artist Derek Houston carved with a bulldozer in the northern landscape.

"This documentary is about Canadian artist Deryk Houston, who in 1999, had a life-altering journey to Baghdad. Unable to remain an outside observer of the crisis in Iraq, Deryk travelled to witness first-hand the impact of international sanctions on the Iraqi people. Compelled to speak out, the artist embarked upon a unique nature art project designed to call attention to the situation of the children of Iraq. Using rocks, gravel and hay, Deryk began to create large-scale art installations in the image of a mother and child against diverse landscapes around the world." You can watch it at: - but see it on our big screen with the creators Sherry and Deryk.

Canvases from both artists will be adorning our gallery/lobby with special guests filmmaker Sherry Lepage, Dianne Harding and Bud Huzyk, and artist Deryk Houston.

Monday 2 Aug 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
When The Road Bends...Tales Of A Gypsy Caravan
Five bands from four countries unite for the World Music Institute's Gypsy Caravan 6-week concert tour across North America with the musicians astounding every audience they meet. Their musical styles range from flamenco to brass band, from Romanian violin and Indian folk to Raga and jazz. And with fire in their bellies and soul in their voices, they present an explosion of song and dance that celebrates the best of Gypsy music and the diversity of the Romani people. During the highs and lows of a whimsical fun-filled U.S. road trip, the artists befriend each other and share the majesty and glory of music whilst overcoming the prejudice that is part of their shared ancestry. Shot by a crew that included Albert Maysles and Jojo Pennebaker and directed by a filmmaker dedicated to the subject, Jasmine Dellel.

Monday 9 Aug 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Three films by David Laing Dawson
Two about art and wellness:

The Brush, The Pen and Recovery (33 min) - about an art studio for people with mental illness and showing an exhibition of their work in Dawson's Hamilton, ON gallery. more

And, Painting with Tom, David, and Emily (14 min) - following the spirits of outdoor landscapists Tom Thompson, David Milne, and Emily Carr.

also one about a man with Schizophrenia

My Name is Walter James Cross: The Reality of Schizophrenia (53 min) Finding an abandoned theater, a man who lives with SZ stands on the stage alone and recounts his descent into mental illness and what his life is like now; what makes a difference for him, what is comforting, what he's lost. Created by a psychiatrist who has worked for many years with patients who have schizophrenia and based largely on a particular patient, now friend's, experience. all PG

With David Laing Dawson, psychiatrist, artist, gallery owner, novelist, and filmmaker from Hamilton, ON, on hand in person for discussion.

The Intern is my favourite of his books, of the two I've read. This article is a good read - gives you an idea about his style and sensibility. ...about a bipolar, brain injured client going out on the town for his birthday with his support workers.

Monday 16 Aug 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Where The Wild Things Are
An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world - a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler. It's not an easy job, being a ruler. Stunning visuals and lots to talk about.

Monday 23 Aug 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
The Last Station
A tale of two romances, one beginning, one near its end, The Last Station is a complex, funny, rich and emotional story about the difficulty of living with love and the impossibility of living without it. After almost fifty years of marriage, the Countess Sofya (Helen Mirren), Leo Tolstoy's (Christopher Plummer) devoted wife, passionate lover, muse and secretary—she's copied out War and Peace six times…by hand!—suddenly finds her entire world turned upside down. In the name of his newly created religion, the great Russian novelist has renounced his noble title, his property and even his family in favor of poverty, vegetarianism and even celibacy. After she's born him thirteen children! A new male secretary comes to work with Tolstoy and finds a complicated scene, full of hypocrisy and intrigue. You will too!

Monday 30 Aug 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
The Cove
Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary of 2009, Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, filmmakers and freedivers led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry (Flipper), on a covert mission to infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health.

Monday 6 Sep 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Labour Day
no show tonight

Monday 13 Sep 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Cooking With Stella
A tasty way to start out our Fall season. A warmhearted social satire about a Canadian diplomat (Lisa Ray) and her chef husband Michael (MM fave Don McKellar) who are posted to New Delhi. Upon arrival they inherit a household of Indian servants headed by the charming, totally inspiring and wily cook, Stella (Seema Biswas). When Stella agrees to become Michael's cooking guru, to teach him traditional Indian dishes, little does he know that she's cooking up a scheme of her own.

Monday 20 Sep 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
The Mighty Uke
MM is pleased to be part of the DVD launch of this wonderful Canadian-made doc that explores the quirky history of the instrument, visits virtuoso players from all over the world, and explores it's recent resurgence as a fun instrument with remarkable powers to bring people together. The DVD has 10 extra short films! G trailer.

With special guests Uke enthusiasts Craig Ridsdale (REES Centre) and Molly Raher Newman (Mighty Little Uke Band) and friends.

Monday 27 Sep 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
Temple Grandin
Based on the writings by its title subject, HBO Films' Temple Grandin is an engaging portrait of an autistic young woman who became, through timely mentoring and sheer force of will, one of America's most remarkable success stories. She developed an interest in cattle early in life, eventually leading to her humane design for the treatment of cattle in processing plants which have made her world renowned, even winning an award from PETA. Today, she is a professor at Colorado State University. As an author and activist she has had a huge influence on how autism and Aspergers Syndrome are understood.

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Marion Bridge
"Canadian actor/playwright Daniel McIvor has written an extraordinary family drama involving three sisters trying to deal with their dying mother (who struggles with alcohol abuse) and the shared secrets of their past. Surely a recipe for mawkish, formula family drama, Marion Bridge succeeds wonderfully thanks to McIvor's sharp, funny screenplay, strong performances by Molly Parker, Hollis McLaren, Stacy Smith and youngster Ellen Page [now megastar - Juno, Whip It, Inception] and an assured directorial hand by first-time director Weibke von Carolsfeld.

Marion Bridge is filled with humor and powerful emotion as middle sister Agnes (Parker) returns to her rural, Cape Breton hometown after living wild in Toronto. Her two sisters Theresa and Louise view her return skeptically, but Agnes insists she's given up the booze and drugs she once played heavily with, and takes charge of their mother's care. Yet as in any family drama, those secrets preferred left undiscussed rear their ugly heads. The sweeping Nova Scotia landscape echoes the arc of emotions of this troubled family dredged once more to the surface. A stand out film."

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The Commitments
Great times at the movies are something to be hugely thankful for! A replay of a favourite at MM.

Leonard Maltin says, "Enormously satisfying tale of an ambitious young Dubliner who takes on the challenge of assembling...a band made up of working class Dubliners who sing '60's-style blues! [To his very pasty white potential band, "Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I'm black and I'm proud."] Disarmingly engaging from the word go, with an charismatic cast of unknowns; filled with irresistible music. A real treat."

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Crooked Beauty
Filmmaker and mental health activist Ken Paul Rosenthal will screen Crooked Beauty, his poetic documentary that chronicles artist-activist Jacks McNamara's journey from psych ward patient to pioneering mental health advocate. Rosenthal will talk about his challenge to embody the film's character with compassion and authenticity. Discussion will focus on nurturing wellness through our relationship to the natural world, drawing new maps for 'madness' as a tool of insight, creativity and hope, and alternatives to the stigmas and stereotypes around representing madness in the media.

A very special and provocative piece that will spark a lively discourse. Pg

other events with Ken Paul Rosenthal

Sunday, Oct 17 7 pm One in Five, an exhibition of artwork by people who live with mental illness at the York Hotel Gallery - 705 Johnson Street.

Tuesday, Oct 19, 8 am - 9 am Psychiatry Grand Rounds at EMP Theatre (for professional & students)

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The Grey Fox
BC's first and classic "western" by first time, local director Phillip Borsos, about real life Bill Miner (1847-1913), a stagecoach and train robbing specialist who caused a ruckus in the BC interior. He came to Kamloops after a bit of trouble in Washington state, befriended a BC Police officer and a feminist photographer but they couldn't disuade him of one last job. Richard Farnsworth played the part of this gentleman outlaw with brilliant reserve.

From a new DVD transfer. Winner of 7 Genies. PG

A great chance to see a new DVD version of a seldom screened Canadian classic with special guest Producer Peter O'Brian by phone.

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Downtown Dawgs
Downtown Dawgs follows the true story of Esau and Mike, two counselors working hard to give Calgary's downtrodden a second chance at life through the magic of the world's sport, soccer. As it turns out, the two counsellors are putting together a team for the first time ever from western Canada to enter the Homeless World Cup in South Africa. It explores the difference an opportunity like this makes in the lives of people who re homeless. This is a brilliant documentary that has got to be seen! Pg13 We'll be talking with Dr Alan Bates, Vancouver psychiatrist and coach who took the Vancouver team, Portland F C, to this September's match in Rio..

Also: White Noise a raw depiction of a day inside the life and mind of a panhandler on the streets of Victoria. It follows Kenneth "Flash" McLaren, known on the streets as "Kramer", over 17 hours in 2003. It revisits him 4 years later still on the streets. Shot by Jason Noel edited by Erick Thompson of A Channel.

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At The Edge Of The World
The astonishingly reckless and admirable actions undertaken by the controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society were aimed at stopping a Japanese whaling fleet in the vast expanse of the Antarctic's Ross Sea. With one ship (The Farley Mowat) too slow to chase down the whaling fleet and their second ship (The Robert Hunter) unsuited for Antarctic ice conditions, the situation becomes increasingly desperate. Beautifully filmed against the haunting backdrop of the Antarctic, this is a real-life David-vs-Goliath adventure.

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I Killed My Mother - J'ai tué ma mère
No actual mother killing happens in this amazing first film written and directed by 20-year-old Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan. The turbulent relationship between a precocious gay son and his crass single mother unfolds with a compelling combination of savage fury, humour, and melting affection. This stunning, semi-autobiographical directing debut wowed critics (and me) and won three prizes at Cannes Fest. PG13 Repeat performance! Because, in spite of terrible distribution, this film needs to be seen.

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Humanitales stories that are sexy, funny, real
An evening of storytelling with Jan Derbyshire, Julie McNamara and David Roche. An international storytelling feast! Canadian Jan Derbyshire performs excerpts from "Squid Ink -Fathomed Tales from the Deep Sea of Fear"; London, UK-based Julie McNamara offers songs and stories from the sublime to the ridiculous; and American ex-pat David Roche tells stories from his newly evolving work "Catholic Erotica".

Tickets: pay-what-you can at the door. Reserve by phone, after Nov 7, reserve by phone: Geoff McMurchy 250-3859828

Doors open 7:00 pm; shows at 7:30 pm.

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The Kids Are All Right
"Hugely entertaining, frequently funny and genuinely moving, this is a sharply written comedy-drama with refreshingly original characters and terrific performances from all five leads." This film about parenthood, familyhood, and just getting along was universally loved by critics.

Two LA moms, a gay couple, have each given birth to a child using the same anonymous sperm donor. The kids get curious about the "dad".

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Into The Storm
Into the Storm continues the storyline of The Gathering Storm (shown last year), Into the Storm looks at Winston Churchill’s life and career at the end of WWII. In a series of flashbacks, while waiting for the results of the 1945 post war election, Churchill looks back at his heroic moments and the conditions that make his re-election and his personal life precarious. Pg13

Thanks to HBO for special permission to screen this film. Don’t Miss the FREE birthday cake to celebrate Sir Winston Churchill’s 136th birthday (on the 30th).

The Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island is devoted to ensuring the inspiration of this great global statesman, from the last century, will motivate even greater leadership today. Run by volunteers, the society provides events and activities for members and for the general public.

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Shining Spirit
Shining Spirit, filmed in Canada, India and Tibet (2006-2009), documents a recording project that brings together the family of Jamyang Yeshi, through music and the use of multi-tracking recording technology. With the help of Western friends, Jamyang, in exile in Canada, and his brother, Tsundue, in exile in the United States, join voices with the family they left behind in Tibet. For the first time in over a decade, they sing together once again. Shining Spirit is a testament to the power of music, the resilience of the Tibetan culture, and the enduring bond of a family separated by politics and geography.

It's a beautifully made documentary about a musician from Tibet who is now living in Duncan. He and the filmmaker will be with us for the screening Nov 22.

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Cry Rock (Kwanatulhayc) & The Shadow Catcher
The wild beauty of the Bella Coola Valley blends with vivid watercolor animation illuminating the role of the Nuxalk oral tradition and the intersection of story, place and culture.

The Shadow Catcher is a documentary about the life and work of American Indian ethnographer Edward Curtis, narrated by Patrick Watson, Curtis' letters voiced by Donald Sutherland.

Here are a couple of films to consider together. Cry Rock is a new film by Writer/Director/Producer Banchi Hanuse (Slts'Lani) about understanding the value of the oral traditions of Bella Coola Valley elders, about whether to use technology to record these stories. It's interesting to juxtapose it with a 35 year old film The Shadow Catcher, about Curtis' "heroic" life work: to record in photos, film and text as much of "The Vanishing Race" as possible. Two different views of cultural preservation.

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The Trotsky
Leon Bronstein is not your average Montreal West high school student. For one thing, none of his peers can claim to be the reincarnation of early 20th century Soviet iconoclast and Red Army hero, Leon Trotsky. When his father sends Leon to public school as punishment for starting a hunger strike at Papa's clothing factory, Leon quickly lends new meaning to the term 'student union' Jay Baruchel is terrific in this Canadian gem.

Monday 27 Dec 2010    alphabetical list  chronological list
A new film by Amélie's creator, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, that oddly places some very odd characters in the almost normal contemporary world. Outcasts trying to pull off a caper to have a couple of arms dealers get their comeuppance. Full of imaginative clockwork and colourful, overdrawn characters, Our gang relive the battle of David and Goliath, with all the imagination and fantasy of Buster Keaton.