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Fiddler: Miracle Of Miracles
The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York, when "tradition" was on the wane as gender roles, sexuality, race relations and religion were evolving. This is an incredibly satisfying documentary, full of surprises, about this beloved stage play that looked at first like it would fail: "There are no memorable songs in this musical". Norman Jewison's classic film version (that we'll be showing soon at MM) Is just a small part of this tale. Pg

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Wild Rose
Jessie Buckley delivers an unforgettable, star-making performance as Rose-Lynn Harlan, a rebellious country singer who dreams of trading the working-class streets of Glasgow for the Grand Ole Opry of Nashville. Fresh out of prison, Rose-Lynn juggles (but drops some balls) her menial job, two children, and concerned, doubting mother, as she pursues her bold ambition of a one-way ticket to musical stardom. With the support of her boss, Rose-Lynn embarks on a life-changing journey that challenges her sense of self and helps her discover her true voice. 14A

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Artist Talk with Vic Sarin
In partnership with Movie Monday, CineVic is pleased to present an artist talk and discussion of work by Director / Writer / Cinematographer Vic Sarin.
Vic Sarin is one of Canada's most celebrated filmmakers, earning world renown as one of Canada's premier cinematographers. As a director, Sarin has won recognition for feature films such as Partition, A Shine of Rainbows and Cold Comfort and documentaries such as; Boy from Geita, Hue: A Matter of Colour, and Desert Riders. His latest film Keepers of the Magic is a personal passion project to Sarin; creating a distinct look and feel with unique storytelling that seamlessly weave together the emotional and visual aspects of his films. Sarin's films often explore the search for human connection.

A passionate and diverse filmmaker, Vic Sarin's career includes award-winning feature films, documentaries and television movies, some 150 projects and counting! Sarin began his career in Australia making documentaries while working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a cameraman. He emigrated to Canada and went on to become one of Canada's most celebrated Directors of Photography, receiving numerous accolades including Genie, Gemini and Emmy nominations and awards. He is the recipient of the prestigious Kodak Lifetime Achievement Award for having created some of Canadian cinema's most moving and memorable images. Vic's outstanding work on feature films such as Margaret's Museum, Whale Music, Bye Bye Blues, Dancing in the Dark and On My Own earned him world renown as one of Canada's premier cinematographers.

Sarin often wears both hats as Director and Cinematographer, and has worked in 3D and IMAX formats, creating a distinct look and feel with breathtaking visuals and a unique storytelling style that seamlessly weaves together emotional and visual aspects. As a director, Sarin has won recognition for a diverse range of films such as the feature Cold Comfort, starring Maury Chaykin and Paul Gross, which garnered five Genie (Canadian Academy Award) nominations including Best Picture. He has received Emmy nominations for his family films for television: In His Father's Shoes, starring Lou Gossett (five Emmy nominations including Best Direction and Best Picture), Sea People starring Hume Cronyn, (four Emmy nods including Best Direction and Best Picture) The Legend of Gatorface and Trial at Fortitude Bay starring Lolita Davidovitch and Henry Czerny which garnered both Emmy and Cable Ace nods. He received critical acclaim for the controversial television movie, Murder Unveiled – A Love Story.

Sarin's films, though unique in character and setting, share a common thread -- the exploration of the human need for connection, tolerance and opening the boundaries of the human heart. Sarin has recently completed Desert Riders, a feature documentary exploring the world of children camel jockeys in the Middle East, the globally-shot feature documentary Hue: A Matter of Colour, an exploration of colourism in various cultures through Sarin's perspective, and The Boy From Geita, following the journey of a young Tanzanian boy with albinism.

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Keepers Of The Magic
Legendary Canadian filmmaker Vic Sarin will be with us in person to present his ode to his fellow cinematographers.

Keepers of the Magic celebrates the breathtaking cinematic images that have transfixed audiences around the world. This groundbreaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema's most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honours the great masters of cinematography, unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right before our eyes. Pg

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Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice
Here is a musical biography of one of the most successful and versatile female singers of the 20th century. At the height of unprecedented success, Ronstadt, a restless and adventurous artist, turned away from pop music to explore an astonishing variety of musical styles, from American standards to country to classical operetta before circling back to her family roots with traditional Mexican canciones. Withstanding constant pressure from a risk-averse industry, Linda insisted on following her musical instincts. With professional colleagues Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Aaron Neville among many others. Pg13

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Fiddler On The Roof
‘cause you're going to want to see this classic four weeks after we share Fiddler: Miracle Of Miracles

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Why Am I Here? A Child's Journey Through the Holocaust
Julius Maslovat is a child survivor of the Holocaust and is the youngest prisoner on record in Buchenwald concentration camp. Mr. Maslovat narrates his journey of self-discovery through his collection of various historical documents that are linked to his life, ranging from his birth certificate to photographs of the brave individuals who helped him to survive through his time in concentration camps. The documentary was directed and edited by Chorong Kim and produced by Helga Thorson, an Associate Professor of Germanic Studies at the University of Victoria. It was recently shown, as a world premiere, at the Victoria International Jewish Film Festival. B.C.

Our special guest, Victoria writer Julius Maslovat's statement: "We wanted to undertake this project at this point in time because understanding the impact of the Holocaust on the modern world is more crucial than ever. We are entering the post-witnessing era, and the Holocaust is passing out of living memory." Thus, Mr. Maslovat considers it his duty as a Holocaust survivor to speak about his experiences in schools and universities across Canada, the USA, and Germany.

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The Last Honey Hunter and Eastern Rises
Two films from Felt Soul Media takes us to Tibet where The Last Honey Hunter seeks a special, potentially poisonous, honey from rhododendrons is sought by a most precarious method imaginable. It's a spiritual pursuit soaked in myth that the hunters believe brings them directly in touch with the gods.

Eastern Rises Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula may as well be the end of the Earth. Its enormously wild landscape is swarming with bugs and bears and threaded with rivers full of massive mouse-eating trout. In this little movie, fishing is poetry, Bigfoot lurks in the fog and fishermen hitch rides in decommissioned Cold War helicopters to explore remote rivers, some of which had never been fished before. A rich and fun viewing experience for even us non-fishers. Pg 13

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Burn Your Maps
An American family must navigate the challenges that arise when their youngest, 8-year old Wes, becomes convinced he is a Mongolian goat herder born in the wrong place. Wes leads his family to Mongolia for a soul-searching journey. A charming, somewhat fanciful film starring Jacob Tremblay in one of his earliest performances. Been waiting for two years for this one, just released, to be available. Pg 13

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Persuasion is a 1995 period drama based on Jane Austen's 1817 novel of the same name. In her theatrical film debut, the British actress Amanda Root stars as protagonist Anne Elliot, while Ciarán Hinds plays her romantic interest, Captain Frederick Wentworth. The film is set in 19th century England, eight years after Anne was persuaded by others to reject Wentworth's proposal of marriage. Persuasion follows the two as they become reacquainted with each other, while supporting characters threaten to interfere. It is a quiet, searing interpretation of Austen's tale of thwarted love blooming again. Laurel Saunders, a MM staffer and long-time member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, considers this the best Austen film adaptation. Pg

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Margaret Atwood: A Word After A Word After A Word Is Power
With over 50 works of prescient fiction (including Handmaids Tale), essays, and even a graphic novel to her name, Margaret Atwood shows no signs of slowing down. But how much do you really know about the woman behind the stories? In this revealing new documentary, the literary icon and national treasure guides us through her rich private life - from her upbringing in the Canadian wilderness and her early years as a poet-all the way to the set of The Handmaid's Tale and the recent release of its follow-up, Nancy Lang, Peter Raymond and Margret Atwood
Nancy Lang, Peter Raymond and Margret Atwood
The Testaments, one of the most anticipated novels of the decade. Here's a great Canadian documentary team, White Pine Pictures, following arguably Canada's best writer.

Our guest by phone: Nancy Lang, producer, director, researcher Lang has worked on 3 feature length documentaries about Canadian artists. She researched and produced West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson, honoured with 5 awards, including the Directors’ Guild of Canada Allan King Award for Best Documentary and Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven, for which she won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Editorial Research. Lang co-directed and co-produced Where The Universe Sings The Spiritual Journey of Lawren Harris. She also co-produced 2 seasons of In The Making, a television series about 16 contemporary Canadian artists. Most recently, with Peter Raymont, Lang co-directed and co-produced Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power.