To: Bruce Saunders

Bruce Saunders, 1 Nov 2000Commendation

Dear Bruce,

Gayle Chapman of Victoria, British Columbia nominated you as a "Giraffe" for sticking your neck out to raise public awareness about mental health through the creative use of film in your Movie Monday presentations. Information about your work has been reviewed by our researchers and by the volunteer jury that selects new Giraffes four times a year.

I am happy to tell you that you were chosen by the most recent jury to receive the enclosed Giraffe commendation, joining over 800 people who have been honoured as Giraffes since the Giraffe Project began in 1982. They range in age from 8 to 101 and are working on every issue imaginable. It is a distinguished group and I think you will be proud to be one of them.

The Giraffe Project is a non-profit organisation, supported mainly by foundations. Our mission is to create a critical mass of people who stand tall and take responsibility for making their world a better place. As part of that mission, we honour people such as you, who are already displaying the kind of courage and commitment we think inspires others into action.

On behalf of all Giraffes in the world, welcome to their good company.

Ann Medlock