Monday Magazine
The 2002 M Awards

Favourite Movie Screening Night: Movie Monday at the Eric Martin Pavillion.

Cheap popcorn, a consistently interesting program and a chance to discuss each film after it screens - its no wonder that Movie Monday was the most popular pick among readers. The series was originally started by Bruce Saunders for patients and ex-patients of the mental health institution, and opened up to the public at large early in its life. Last April Movie Monday hosted its 500th event and in June it will pass its 10th anniversary. Over the years it has grown in popularity and become known for the role - rare in our society - it plays bringing the public and patients together, and for the frank discussions of mental health issues that often arise from the screenings. Better still: their right in the midst of their annual Reel Madness Film Festival, so why not pop by and check it out?

Runners-up: CineVic's Film Slam, Brew and View at Lucky Bar.
-- A.M.