Insights Back


short for "Silver Screen Insights Into Mental Health"

Bi-weekly mental health film and discussion series in the Patient Care Centre Theatre

Film is a powerful carrier of ideas about extremes of human experience. Over ten evenings you will watch selected films and explore mental illness and recovery through guided learning. Interactive discussions include medical perspectives and guests with relevant experiences. How might on-screen characters help us understand these challenging conditions in clinical practice and in personal recovery?

These will be film screenings with interactive discussions, so will be two to three hour sessions starting at 7:00 pm at PCC169 theatre, 1952 Bay Street, at Richmond. event poster


Oct 10 HIDDEN PICTURES - We'll be part of the world launch on World Mental Health Day of Dr Delaney Ruston's film that looks at attitudes about mental illness in India, China, France, Africa, and Ruston's own USA and her hometown children's school in Seattle. more

Oct 24 MR JONES - an entertaining and insightful bipolar portrayal with lots to consider about professional ethics. more or view a trailer

Nov 7 COMPLETELY CUCKOO - about the making of and impact of the classic film One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. People are encouraged to watch the feature film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and/or read the original Ken Kesey book ahead of seeing this doc as the metamorphosis from one to the other is fascinating and the background of the documentary. more

Nov 21 OUT OF THE SHADOW - a filmmaker follows the course of her mother, who has schizophrenia, having spent a lifetime in a ‘revolving door' of treatment and homelessness, finally getting life under control. more

Dec 5 STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY - Now US senator Al Franken with a light look at mental health and addiction in a year of his life and family. Humorous but mental health wise - and with a Christmas tie-in at the end. Based on the book by Franken, You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You and his earnest, neurotic, but lovable Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley. more


Jan 9 THE BEAVER - a depressed man latches on to a hand puppet as his guide and spokesman. trailer

Jan 23 WHAT ABOUT BOB? - a comedy with Bill Murray and (now out bipolar) Richard Dreyfuss exploring the patient/psychiatrist relationship (gone sideways). trailer

Feb 6 PATIENT VOICES - a collection of short impactful video pieces chosen as inspiring teaching devices and an intro to several leaders in the MH recovery movement.

Feb 20 FETCHING CODY - uses magic realism in telling a Vancouver DTES addiction story, investigates in a novel way what contributes to a addiction. more

Mar 6 WILLIAM KURELEK'S THE MAZE - Kurelek, a revered Canadian artist who went through a deep depression touching on psychosis, explores the roots of his crisis and recovery. A newly reworked version of a 40+ year old documentary that is an artwork in itself. more and even more

Presenters: Bruce Saunders, who brings his personal experience and almost 20 years of presenting films at Movie Monday, and Eileen Greene, RN., M Ed, Educator Psychiatric Mental Health, Nursing Faculty, Camosun College and University of Victoria.

Cost: $65 for the series of 10 events to cover the educational component. A confirmation of attendance will be provided. Held at PCC169, the new Patience Care Centre's theatre. We'll have a page on MM's website and an interactive page for feedback.

Some special guests will be invite to participate. It's meant to be a mixture of docs and features that will be both entertaining (with discussable themes) and will engage “interested civilians”, family and “consumer/survivors”, but especially doctors and service providers.

A big goal is to get inter-disciplinary-and-perspective discussion happening in a civil setting (what MM does regularly but including more MH care professionals than come to regular MMs) Invited also will be police, ambulance crews, mental health support workers and psych nurses in training, support group attendees as well as VIHA staff.