Huntington's Dance
Special fundraising screening
9 July 2014

Huntington's Dance chronicles the life of film maker Chris Furbee from childhood to age 47 as he at first attempts to make sense of the strange movements and behaviors of his grandfather, and a few years later those of his mother. Huntington's Dance Upon learning that his family carries the genetic material for a disease called Huntington's Disease he begins to wonder if he too is at risk for developing the disease. (Huntington's is the disease that claimed the life of legendary folk singer and writer Woody Guthrie.) Making of this film spans an 18 year period of Chris' life.

The film premiered at the Slam Dance Film Festival in January 2014 where it won a Special Jury Award. The Hollywood Reporter calls the film "compelling, suspenseful and deeply moving, enhanced by a lyrical musical score". This is a story of love and compassion between mother and son, the need to know and the simultaneous need not to know and how one learns to navigate the array of emotional experience that at any moment threatens to sweep ones very life away. Huntington's Dance is a rare look inside the mind and life of a man courageous enough to pull back the veil of ignorance in order to reveal the future. Pg13 official web site

This one time screening is a special Fund Raising event to assist in the launch of Huntington's Dance. The suggested minimum gift to the film is $15-20 at the door. Director Chris Furbee will join us by phone from California after the screening and producers Gene Furbee and Sarah Kendall will be with us in person. printable poster

Listen to Chris and Gene Furbee being interviewed on CBC, On The Island with Gregor Craigie, 9 Jul 2014.