Finding Normal
Special Screening - At Our Place

21 Apr 2015

Portland, Oregon Director Brian Lindstrom will present this film, from his home town,
Brian Lindstrom
about a program that has run there for 16 years, from an organization much like Our Place**. It accepts folks who really want to get away from their substance abuse habit after failing several other attempts. The program has an unusually high success rate, largely because of their highly motivated mentors. Pg13

"The movie, by Brian Lindstrom, follows several drug and alcohol counselors as they work with groups of recovering addicts, many of them ex-cons. With its basis in the grim world of addiction and street level recovery, Finding Normal sounds like it could be a real slog. It's not. A surfeit of down to earth humor runs throughout the film, which, along with the truly charismatic personalities of the counselors makes the movie a rather joyful experience." D Thompson review.

** Q&A and trailer *Portland's Recovery Mentor Program

I'm very pleased that MM is able to bring Brian Lindstrom to our city with these two powerful films. See his TedX talk, a sample of his presentation skills and commitment to his work.

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Read an article from Focus Magazine - May 2015 - by Leslie Campbell.

Listen to an interview of Brian Lindstrom by Gregor Craigie on CBC on 20 Apr 2015.