12 Jan 2015

Listen to Olive Bailey's wonderful and funny presentation with the film Codebreaker. (38 minutes)

Olive worked at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing as they worked at deciphering the Enigma encoded German communications. She was so entertaining! And her comments were a counterpoint the blockbuster Imitation Game‘s version of the story that has achieved such overwhelming public enthusiasm. Olive Bailey
Olive Bailey

I hit the record button a little late, just after I introduced 93 year old Olive and she told us about the medals she wore for the occasion, including the Bletchley Park Service Medal (2009) and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012).

We join her as she was describing how much she preferred this telling of Alan Turing's story to The Imitation Game, that she calls "the Other Film", currently in theatres, which she had just seen again with her relatives in town from Australia.

You can catch the Codebreaker video and there are other terrific tellings of this story - that are at least as interesting and more accurate than the bombastic The Imitation Game - on the web. How the real decoding machine and process worked.


Listen to Ian Jessop interviewing Olive Bailey and Bruce Saunders on CFAX, 9 Jan 2015.

Here are some pictures from 12 Jan 2015 (click to enlarge):


Pictures of Olive and Norman Bailey and Bletchley Park (click to enlarge):