A Climate Revolution For All COP21: An Inside View
50 min, 2016
15 Jan 2016

How Will We Save Our Planet? "A Climate Revolution For All COP21: An Inside View" will be presented with discussion at the EMP Theatre - 1900 Block Fort St. This world premiere of a 50 minute documentary will be presented with a Q&A with co-producer and health sciences librarian, Elizabeth Woolworth, who attended the Paris climate summit in December, and local engineer, Brian Burchill, who are both familiar with the looming CO2 crisis.

Elizabeth Woolworth spent most of 2015 voluntarily promoting a climate mobilization book "Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis?" by Dr. David Griffin that outlines a mobilization approach to global warming that is ahead of the curve on what governments and citizens can do to restrain carbon emissions.

The COP21 conference was attended by delegates from 195 nations, and by 40,000 people from around the world. Its venue was a square kilometre in size.

The documentary offers a fascinating look at how the draft climate agreement evolved through its precarious two-week course. From the outset, the delegates understood that it would fail if even one of the 195 nations declined to approve the draft agreement.

This film, co-produced by independent Parisian film director Debora Blake, depicts how the process looked to a Victoria citizen who found a last-minute way into the conference. An agreement was approved - but is it enough? printable poster

View the Full Version of the film. (47 minutes)

A Climate Revolution For All  COP21: An Inside View