Carfree Stories From The Non-Driving Life
11 Jul 2016

This doc by Winnipeggers Janine Tschuncky and Kenneth George Godwin, examines what it's like to live in a city which has been built around the needs of traffic when you make a conscious decision not to drive. We tend to take cars so much for granted that we become unconscious of just how much they shape the way we live. For the people in this documentary, the decision not to drive has profound effects on the way we live our lives and think about the world around us. G

Janine Tschuncky
Janine Tschuncky
Janine Tschuncky is committed to walking as a means of transportation and transformation. She is a Winnipeg writer, mentor and educator. She has worked in publishing for over twenty-two years and is currently the managing editor at Prairie Fire Press. Her work has been published in various journals. Currently, Janine and her partner are writing and illustrating a series of children's books set in the boreal forest of Manitoba. Janine is passionate about leadership, community, and helping people connect to their wildness through nature and the written word. printable poster

Kenneth George Godwin Kenneth George Godwin
Kenneth George Godwin
is a film buff, writer and longtime film editor living in Winnipeg. His interest in David Lynch has produced two books on his works, Eraserhead and Dune. He has made several short films and was editor for many NFB documentaries and several films for others. His first feature, GOING: Remembering Winnipeg's Movie Theatres (2012), was featured at MM in June 2014.

Listen to Adam Stirling of CFAX interviewing Janine Tschuncky.

With Winnipeg filmmaker and ardent walker, and Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, ardent cyclist and champion of walking and cycling infrastructure and public transit.