double feature: two films by filmmaker Charles Wilkinson
18 Jul 2016
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Peace Out (60 min, 2011) asks and answers the question: are we ripping up our back yard for energy - or not? The film seeks to engage those of us who do not connect our daily decisions with global land use issues. It focuses on the North Western Canadian wilderness, however the issues are universal. The film pits energy executives, Tar Sands reps, nuclear spokesmen against academics and activists in an intelligent debate that leaves the viewer to decide what to believe. The film presents a beautiful, thought provoking look at a rapidly transforming landscape and challenges us all to be part of saving it. Pg

CBC interview of Charles Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler by Gregor Craigie (7 min)

Peace Out won Special Jury Prize at Hot Docs 2012 and Vancouver Film Fest's Most Popular Documentary. The film is even more relevant now.

We'll have an update from folks participating in the Paddle For The Peace.

An article about the economics of the project.

Charles Wilkinson's assessment of the project: "Site C is a wilful mistake, pure and simple."

Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World (75 min, 2015) A love song to breathtaking Haida Gwaii and the spirited people who populate it. The natural beauty of this culturally rich archipelago has served as a backdrop for tragedies such as outbreaks of smallpox and the exploitation of natural resources. And yet, the Haida Nation remains undaunted, drawing on 14,000 years of tradition in preparing for a showdown over the Northern Gateway pipeline and planning for a more sustainable future.

Best Canadian Feature Documentary, Hot Docs 2015.

Our guests: Charles Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler.

Charles Wilkinson earned a BA in filmmaking & communications, Charles Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler
Charles Wilkinson and Tina Schliessler
directed a very successful documentary for the NFB prior to graduating, and went on to direct several decades worth of feature films, US network TV movies, episodic series and documentaries. Charles enrolled again in university, earned an MBA in film and creative writing, had 2 books published and returned his focus to where it started social commentary pov documentary. Charles lives and works on a coastal inlet, Deep Cove, near Vancouver, Canada. MM featured the second in this trilogy, the excellent Oil Sands Karaoke, for our 21st anniversary celebration. He recently published a book, Peace Out, as well.

Tina Schliessler is co-producer and life partner with Charles and artist in her own right.