Bye Bye Blues
Special Friday Event with writer/director Anne Wheeler
11 Mar 2016
Bye Bye Blues

A 1940s romance about a young mother who pursues a dream of becoming a singer while her husband is serving in the military. The inevitable choice between loyalty to her husband and Anne Wheeler
Anne Wheeler
family, and the desire for independence propels this nostalgic love story to a climatic ending. Starring Rebecca Jenkins - and the film has been resurrected and re-mastered to a beautiful Hi-Def version by her and husband Joel Bakan. PG

Legendary Canadian filmmaker Anne Wheeler is here doing a writing workshop with UVic and Cinevic, so while in town will be treating us to this classic that she wrote and directed. bio

Anne Wheeler also presented her recent documentary Chi at CineVic on March 10th. prinable poster

Bye Bye Blues Bye Bye Blues