Huntington's Dance, 85 min, 2014
24 May 2016 at Cinecenta in the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria.

Huntington's Dance is an intensely personal film that chronicles the life of West Virginia born filmmaker Chris Furbee from childhood to age 47. Upon learning that his family carries the genetic material for Huntington's Disease he begins to wonder if he too is at risk for developing the disease. (Huntington's claimed the life of legendary folk singer and writer Woody Guthrie.)

Made by Chris over an 18 year period of his life, this is a story of love and compassion between mother and son, Huntington's Dance the need to know and the simultaneous need not to know. It's a particular story that tackles some universal challenges we all face in living this life. Pg13

The film premiered at the Slam Dance Film Festival where it won Special Jury Award. The Hollywood Reporter calls the film "compelling, suspenseful and deeply moving, enhanced by a lyrical musical score". Winner Best Documentary Feature - West Virginia Film Festival. printable poster

There was a Q&A after the 7:00 pm screening presented by Gene Furbee. Gene is Chris's dad, a Victoria resident and the film's Executive Producer. He was intimately involved in all aspects of making the film. Representatives of Victoria's Huntingtons Community will also be on hand.

Listen to Ian Jessop of CFAX interviewing Gene Furbee.