Mr Zaritsky On TV
with guest John Zaritsky
10 Jul 2017

Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky ( bio ) is determined to capture what he believes is the biggest and best story he's ever encountered. His 'swan song', No Limits: The Thalidomide Saga, is his last instalment in a documentary trilogy about Thalidomide's disastrous legacy. With a film crew at his side, John embarks on an road trip that confronts the best and worst in the aging director.

Both a portrait and candid behind-the scenes, Mr Zaritsky On TV shows the too often under-appreciated aspects of documentary filmmaking as experienced by a man reclaiming his place in the filmmaking landscape. This portrait captured by directors Jennifer, and his DOP Michael Savoie Pg13

John did a great Q&A and an overview of 6 of his films, short clips and brief comments. official website

John Zaritsky interviewed on CFAX