West 47th Street

This multi-award winning classic documentary, West 47th Street, was my introduction to Fountain House, the Clubhouse International founding organization.

Nathaniel "Tex" Gordon, a former rodeo star who spent the majority of his life in mental hospital, who through Fountain House, became 'a man of the world' and peer coach
The film covers the experience of just four members over three years as they find opportunities for meaningful work, education, housing, and a real sense of belonging and purpose - all under one roof. Pg more ~ printable poster

We will bring the film into the context of Victoria's initiative, Connections Place, which has it's big fundraising dinner Thursday May 11.

With special guest Jonathan Beard.

In the 1940's a group of people who had suffered from mental illness, started "We Are Not Alone". With the help of some philanthropists they developed Fountain House, an organization Jonathan Beard
Jonathan Beard
that would help them recover by giving them an opportunity to actively live, work and learn. They knew what they needed to live a full life. For that time consumers of mental health services founding and running a mutual and self help organization was an astonishing achievement. It has become a Best Practice in mental health rehab and the model has been replicated all over the world. Its own site. Jonathan's father John Beard, became Fountain House's director in 1955 and fine-tuned the Clubhouse model. Jonathan is an impressive man in the field himself - see his Seattle-based

Jonathan is coming speak at this Movie Monday screening a few days before the fundraising dinner for Connections Place at Uptown Mall May 11, where he is one of the guest speakers.

Read this book, Fountain House: Creating Community In Mental Health Practice, about the history, philosophy and practice of the International Clubhouse model (Look Inside has most of the introduction).

Tour Fountain House as it is today.

Read an article rom the Times-Colonist of 31 Dec 2014 by Jackie Powell.

Listen to interviews of Jackie Powell and Jonathan Beard on CFAX and CBC.

View Connections Place a ShawTV production, Published on YouTube May 11, 2017

Q&A with Jonathan Beard on Vimeo - 60 minutes long