with Ken Buck Bill Mason's canoeing partner and cinematographer
Presented 16 Oct 2017

Q&A with Ken Buck, recorded 16 Oct 2017

An ode to wilderness and those who have brought it to us.

We celebrated this feature-length documentary that follows naturalist Bill Mason on his journey by canoe into the Ontario wilderness. The filmmaker and artist begins on Lake Superior, then explores winding and sometimes tortuous river waters to the meadowlands of the river's source. Along the way, Mason paints scenes that capture his attention and muses about his love of the canoe, his artwork and his own sense of the land.

Mason also uses the film as a commentary on the link between God and nature and the vast array of beautiful canvases God created for him to paint. Features breathtaking visuals and exciting whitewater footage, with a musical score by Bruce Cockburn! 86min 1984 G

A background story.

  "Mason had always wanted the film to play theatrically, as he believed the big screen was the only way he could truly share the awe and wonder of Lake Superior with his audience." Here is your chance!

Q&A with Ken Buck, Mason's canoeing partner and cinematographer Ken Buck by phone. He was Bill Mason's friend and canoeing partner and he created the book Bill Mason: Wilderness Artist From Heart to Hand with the cooperation of the Mason family. He is a retired secondary school teacher of English literature, media studies and outdoor education. He worked as Bill Mason's cinematographer and assistant editor for the award-winning series of films Path of the Paddle, Song of the Paddle and Waterwalker.

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