The Unofficial Trial Of Alexandra Morton
Presented 26 May 2018

Alexandra Morton, a vocal independent biologist turned activist must endure a barrage of questions The Unofficial Trial Of Alexandra Morton Alexandra Morton
Alexandra Morton
from industry and government lawyers in a federal inquiry in Canada, the Cohen Commission into the Decline of the Sockeye salmon. Expecting that her years of research into the detrimental effects of open ocean fish farms would find a place in a sea of evidence, she is instead questioned on her qualifications and integrity.

Here's a courtroom drama as fascinating as any fictional courtroom drama, but this is about the attempt to discredit and muzzle those standing up for our incredibly valuable resource, the salmon. It's a historical event but currently very pertinent to the news breaking about still more problems with in ocean net raising of Atlantic salmon; sea lice, disease transmission, escapement, pollution etc. Our NDP/Green government is currently making critical decisions based on these kinds of inquiry and industry pressure. (Pg?)

Scott Renyard
Scott Renyard
Q&A with Scott Renyard, Vancouver-based filmmaker and scientist, with a Masters in Science in Resource Management and Regional Planning from UBC, and long time fish advocate. about Scott Renyard ~ event poster

And with Alexandra Morton by phone Alexandra Morton is an independent biologist publishing research on the devastating impact of salmon farm disease and sea lice on wild salmon and whales. Alexandra Morton's website