Cracked Not Broken, 2007, 52 min
24 November 2008

Two Videos of Gabor Maté speaking at Movie Monday 24 November 2008 for Harm Reduction Victoria about his book In the Realm Of Hungry Ghosts and particularly about harm reduction. [ Video 1 (30 min) and Video 2 (24 min) ]

Dr Gabor Maté was our guest to talk about his ground breaking book on addiction, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, and to share thoughts on the Toronto film Cracked Not Broken.

"Get a glimpse into the harsh reality and chaotic lifestyle of drug addiction. This film will force you to examine all of your stereotypes about the addicted"

Cracked Not Broken opens a disturbing window on the life of Lisa, a 37-year-old crack-cocaine addict and estranged mother of one who prostitutes herself to fuel her costly drug habit. Although she grew up in an upper middle-class family, went to the right schools and had the right friends, something went terribly wrong. Filmed almost entirely in the Toronto hotel room she lives in and works out of, Cracked Not Broken portrays a highly intelligent,
Dr Gabor Maté
vivacious, articulate and hyperactive woman juggling cell phone and drug paraphernalia with equal dexterity while talking with incredible frankness to filmmaker Paul Perrier - the husband of one of Lisa's oldest friends - about the struggles of being in "the game" and her quest for redemption. Cracked Not Broken chronicles Lisa's faltering steps toward recovery and her early efforts to educate others about the illness of addiction. Pg13

We'll have an update, as to be expected there have been some adventures in the last two years... Cracked Not Broken, about Dr. Matés' book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts Dr Matés' site and about filmmaker

Dr. Maté will do Grand Rounds Tuesday morning (Nov 25 8am, also in the EMP Theatre). Thanks to Dr. Satish Shrikhande who organizes rounds for collaborating with MM to bring Dr Maté to Victoria.

Dr. Maté will be at UVic Nov 14 to give a talk there for Philippe Lucas and Sonya Chandler, who are running for Victoria Council, tentatively titled: "A Compassionate Social Response to Addiction and Homelessness; the Direct Impact of Government Policies on Human Lives"

Dr. Gabor Maté presenting Cracked Not Broken Nov 24/08 at Movie Monday

Many were turned away at the door

Dr. Maté

Dr. Maté and fans

Dr. Maté