Films and Forums about Homelessness
24, 25 and 26 January 2009

Special guests, lots of time for discussion, collaboration and guest-sharing with UVic, and a legacy of these films and others in the MM Collection at our supporting video store, Yo Video.
All of these films will be available through MM's Yo Video Collection.
Filmography also at Yo: Dark Days, Jupiter's Wife, Devil Plays Hardball, Out Of The Shadow, West 47th Street, Home Safe (new from Skyworks'.
Laura Sky about Calgary focusing on young homeless families and kids) etc.

On 7 Oct 2008 Movie Monday also held the Film and Forum For Mental Illness Awareness and Homelessness.

These events are supported by: Canada Council for the Arts, University of Victoria's Office of Community Based Research, the UVic School of Social Work, the UVic School of Nursing and the Vancouver Island Health Authority.
After the events, these films and more are available for rental through the Movie Monday Film Collection at Yo Video, 107-2000 Cadboro Bay Rd. 250-592-5678.

17 Dec 2009 CBC Radio British Columbia: On The Island, Gregor Craigie with Berny Pauly and Don McTavish. New research into the effectiveness of transitional shelters.

Four audios, 24 to 26 Jan 08, from Homeless Films and Forums

Bruce Saunders interview by Malaspina CHLY radio 101.7 on 22 Jan 08 about Films and Forums About Homelessness. Listen!

7:00 pm Saturday 24 January 2009

Cats Of Mirikitani

One homeless story Cats Of Mirikitani with Judy Graves - Vancouver City's Housing Advocate Bruce S. facilitating. more
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm 25 January 2009

Vancouver and Santa Monica experiences

What can we learn?

4:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Tent City and housing options

7:00 pm

Downtown Dawgs

Homeless In Paradise & Something To Eat, A Place To Sleep, and Someone Who Gives A Damn

12:30 pm - Homeless In Paradise, 50 min + Q&A with Jody Paterson Facilitating their home page
Something To Eat, A Place To Sleep, and Someone Who Gives A Damn, 34 min + Q&A more and a site that has a slide show of some of the wonderful portraits of street people in the film.
With filmmaker Les Merson photographer Ken Villeneuve and subject Gloria.

3:30 pm - break for coffee/food

Tent City and housing options
4:00 pm - Tent City and housing options, slide presentation about local tent city (Peter Rockwell- photographer and Chris Johnson) and what we can glean from Portland Oregon's Dignity Village's Tent Cities Toolkit and The Mayor of Tent City (Toronto's disbanded experiment). We'll refer to StreetCity, shipping containers, Stop Gap Housing - construction mobiles, etc.

6:15 pm - break for food

Downtown Dawgs
7:00 pm Downtown Dawgs with Calgary filmmaker Mike Scullion via telephone Q&A (his brother Kevin is also filmmaker and one of the coaches). Bruce S. facilitating. look at their story or read a review from the Calgary International Film Fest

Judy Graves
12:45 pm Monday 26 January 2009
Something To Eat, A Place To Sleep, And Someone Who Gives A Damn, 34 min

Q&A with Judy Graves, Vancouver City's Housing Advocate, and filmmaker Les Merson.
more and a site that has a slide show of some of the wonderful portraits of street people we'll have framed in displayed in the lobby gallery during the three days, and are also in the film.
6:30 pm Monday 26 January 2009

Last Call At The Gladstone Hotel

The short film Hollow and Last Call At The Gladstone Hotel with the filmmakers by phone from Toronto.

It's a story that would take more than five years to see to completion [and win a Gemini], with all the main characters firmly in place - from the developers who buy the hotel to the staff who have been around for decades to the low-income residents who worry they will be forced to find new affordable places to live and finally to the new owners who try to make the best out of a very difficult situation.

The Gladstone Hotel was built in 1889, and is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto. Now a cool urban hotel and an arts destination in the city, it used to be flophouse, home to people who couldn't afford to live elsewhere, including an ex-bag lady named Maryanne. the details or read a recent article.