Jupiter's Wife
7 Nov 2005

Ten years following its theatrical debut, this astonishing real-life mystery continues to haunt audiences around the world. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and widely hailed by critics, JUPITER'S WIFE tells the story of Maggie, a beguiling homeless woman living in New York City's Central Park. In her forties, Maggie's vibrant personality and unconventional persona attract the attention of acclaimed filmmaker Michel Negroponte, who accompanies Maggie as she wanders the park with her pack of dogs and an enormous backpack. A captivating jumble of cryptic stories, Maggie's conversation is laced with intrigue and startling claims; among them, she claims to be the daughter of the Hollywood movie star Robert Ryan and married to the Roman god Jupiter. Fascinated, Negroponte and his camera follow Maggie for the next two years, as clue by clue, her enigma is deciphered and an astonishing story is revealed.

Our special guest, Bill MacPhee, has schizophrenia and is using his experience to help others. He has established a very successful magazine, Schizophrenia Digest, now in international circulation, and gives.

B.C. Schizophrenia Society Victoria Branch

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William J. MacPhee

Founder and Publisher of Schizophrenia Digest and
Winner of the 2004 NAMI Lionel Aldridge Award
Tuesday, November 8, 2005

CNIB Auditorium 2340 Richmond

Bill speaks candidly about the effects of schizophrenia. Since his recovery and ongoing maintenance, Bill has made it his mission to break the silence surrounding this illness. Through Schizophrenia Digest, launched in 1994, and his speaking engagements, Bill has broken through the despair to show that recovery and a return to daily living are possible. Hear Billís message of hope as he talks of his journey of recovery as well as his new advocacy initiative!!

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