Special Thanks
Once again to Bruce Wallace. This is our sixth year working together on this project. He's keeping this thing on track, writing and editing, compiling the program in your hands, nailing substantial funding that gives me the freedom to get on with putting up events and guests as I please. Thanks as well to the Movie Monday Board, all busy, genial people too who enable me to pursue the potential that MM has. Hugh Armstrong our invaluable web master. And thanks to all the volunteers who pitch in enthusiastically to make things run smoothly.

My wife, Laurel, who amazingly after almost 10 years of MM-ying puts up with my ever-expanding obsession. Paul, my long suffering son who, by telephone from Nanaimo, has 'talked me down' through many a Photoshop manoeuvre to land graphics and posters that are such an important part of these projects. To my folks who, with best wishes from the start, have contributed substantially the REEL MADNESS coffers.

Thanks to contributors who brought films to my attention. That's the best way to find films, recommended titles in hand with contacts to follow if they work for our use. To all the respondents to my copious emails and phone calls. It makes such a huge difference to be answered promptly, thanks.

To all our sponsors whose support has held firm in these times of cutbacks to social services. We are proud to continue on with that support to provide a truly democratic, accessible opportunity for everyone (especially those who are struggling financially in this climate) to participate in our events. Your contributions count even more these days.

After a great deal of work and many wonderful letters of support, the Movie Monday Society now has our own Charitable Tax Number. So, when you donate to Movie Monday, we will be able to thank you with a tax receipt.

A couple of pharmaceutical companies have had to tighten their purse strings but Jansse and Novartis are with us, as is Canadian Mental Health Association - B C Division, Mood Disorders Association of BC, and the local BC Schizophrenia Association. The Vancouver Island Health Authority still gives us the use this most valuable asset, the theatre. Valued neighbourhood supporters; YO Video, Oak Bay Copy, Nicks Hair Salon, Prestige Picture Framing, and Starbucks are generously pitching in.

We're especially grateful for Canada Council for the Arts whose funding is now the anchor (or propeller) of our ship. It's great to have that recognition that we're reaching beyond flat-footed educational programming or 'just entertainment' and interacting creatively with the arts community. Much of the success of our initiative is due the compelling nature of the films and the passion of the filmmaker/presenters we can now encourage to participate.

Of course without the filmmakers we wouldn't have the opportunities to travel to all the unfamiliar places and to step into others' shoes for a while. And without you, the audience, as they say, "There just ain't no show..." Thanks for coming.

Enjoy and participate!
Bruce Saunders
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