The Reel Madness Film Festival

The Reel Madness Film Festival is a five-day special event showing films about mental illnesses and recovery. Films will be presented with discussions including consumers of mental health services, movie producers and health professionals, inviting audience participation. It will be held January 14 to 18, 1999 in the Eric Martin Pavilion's 100-seat theatre, with an opening night at UVic's 300-seat Cinecenta theatre. The festival will attract not only people affected by mental illnesses but anyone who has been touched by the portrayal of mental illnesses in films such as Shine, Benny & Joon and the recent Canadian production The Hanging Garden.

The Reel Madness Film Festival is a special event of Movie Monday, which has been entertaining and educating people through films for five years. Now, drawing from the parallel experience of Toronto's Rendezvous with madness film festival, we will further investigate the myths and realities of mental illnesses, treatments, stigma and recovery through film.
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