Monday 2 December 2002 7 p.m.
Cherry Kingsley: Recognizing The Person (47 min., BC, 2002, directed by PennyJoy and Peter Campbell

Cherry Kingsley: Recognizing The Person sheds light on the exploitation of youth in the sex trade. Throughout most of her young life, Cherry Kingsley suffered abuse and exploitation as a child prostitute on the streets of Vancouver. At the age of 22, after a life transforming event, she decided to step out of the 'shadow of shame'. She organized numerous projects and conferences where she inspired youth from around the world to speak out against the abuse and exploitation of children. In 1996, she attended the First World Congress Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Stockholm, Sweden. For her relentless efforts as a child advocate, she received the Governor-General's Award in 2000. Read about Cherry Kingsley.

Audra Taillefer of PEERS and filmmaker Penny Joy were guest speakers.

Ladies of The Inlet (27 min., BC, 1996 documentary. A sensitive, personal journey with the six oldest women of the Secheit Nation. With humour, strength, reclamation and reminiscence, their stories unfold as we visit with them at home on their reserve, located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Then, traveling by boat up the majestic Jervis Inlet, traditional homelands of the Shishalh people for thousands of years, the ladies share some of the mystical legends of their ancestors and retrace the powerful history of this most magnificent coastal waterway as they visit hidden sacred sights and deserted villages where they once lived.