Well friends,

With mixed feeling I'm announcing that MM is shuttering. It's been almost a full year of the theatre being virtually closed (only 12-16 allowed in the space including staff) and could be a good while before we might open again. MM has always been about getting as many people as possible out to share movies and often to join in conversations with filmmakers, guests and each other. That sharing a film experience together is exactly what we shouldn't be doing as long as this pandemic is making life difficult for us. Even if we get this thing under control, I think folks will be shy of coming out to crowd into a theatre. It's been a great run; 26 1/2 years of an event every week, having a place to watch movies, a medium that, when done well, takes you right into the experience on screen and opens you wide to reflect. It has been my pleasure to present so many of these experiences, making Monday the Best Day Of The Week.

To highlight just a few:
…. and so many others. We used to call them "Movie Monday Moments".

Worst moments:
Sweet response: "Monday Movie provides a rare oasis of kindness and connection in this city…. It has long been a comfort to know that Bruce has a weekly film series in town. Just knowing that the theatre exists and that it is run by Bruce is reassuring. While I don't attend that often ….. I know that the movie theatre exists."

So I will continue to send out MM Suggestions and will look back on the Movie Monday days (daze?) with pride and satisfaction.

Best wishes and good watching, Bruce

And find the full list of suggestions here.

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