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Mental Health

Mental Health Links

B.C. Schizophrenia Society, Victoria Branch

Bipolar Babe Website! A project officially to create school-based programs that facilitate stigma-free conversations about mental health. Bipolar Babe has been extremely active in the community and media and is eager to take these chats to the kids in classrooms.

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation The Recovery Vision: New Paradigm, New Questions, New Answers. This webcast reviews the vision of recovery and address the challenges of changing mental health systems worldwide. This webcast is an archive of a live presentation celebrating World Health Day.

CHARG Resource Center 'Helping the Mentally Ill Help Themselves'
A unique partnership concept. An all consumer board running a psychiatric treatment center in Denver Colorado.

CREST.BD The Collaborative RESearch Team studying the psychosocial issues in Bipolar Disorder (CREST.BD) dedicated to developing knowledge on bipolar disorder. The team includes representatives from a variety of health disciplines, including psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy, nursing, genetic counseling, and mental health advocacy.

Drummer Boy The creative source behind DrummerBoy Film Inc. is Dr. David Dawson. A graduate of the University of British Columbia medical school in Vancouver, Dawson is a board certified psychiatrist, a former chief of psychiatry at the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, and a professor of psychiatry at McMaster University in Hamilton. Drawing much of his inspiration and ideas from his knowledge of medicine, psychiatry and his work with people with severe psychiatric disorders, Dawson has expanded beyond that to become a highly respected novelist, artist and screenwriter.

Internet Mental Health A huge resource on all aspects of mental health facilited by Dr Philip Long, a forward thinking and acting psychiatrist and a team of consumers in Vancouver, B C Interner Mental Health has a site that links to us.

Mary Ellen Copeland Mental health recovery self-help strategies.

Michael Miller Memorial Paddy Miller and Joan Skillings are riding their bikes across Canada (in stages) in memory of Paddy's son Michael who died in August 2000 after a long and very private battle with bipolar disease.

Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia Support and education for people with mood disorder, their families and friends as we build an understanding community. There are also two Victoria Support Groups for Manic Depression and Depression.   ~   poster

My Name Is Walter James Cross A one hour docudrama featuring an actor describing his life with schizophrenia. The film stars Canadian actor Marcel Aymar talking to the audience as he contemplates taking all his pills at once and depicts a realistic, troubling and thought provoking view of schizophrenia.

People Say I'm Crazy Welcome to my mind. My name is John Cadigan, and I'm an artist with schizophrenia. People Say I'm Crazy is my documentary about the world inside my head.

The REES Centre Research, Education, Evaluation and Support Centre, Capital Health Region, Mental Health Services
REES Network Education & Administration Office, 1931 Lee Avenue, Victoria, B.C., V8R 4W9, 250-595-8619 Fax:(250) 595-8629

Riverview Psychiatry Library B.C.'s Mental Health Library
Library services are provided to the staff of BC Mental Health Services and the staff, patients and family members of Riverview Hospital. Services are not provided for members of the public. However, the Library is open for visitors to browse or read on site.

University Links

MM is pleased to have made some links to Universities of Victoria and U. British Columbia, introducing the power of film as an educational tool.
Some of our Canadian Independent productions and other films and documentaries I've discovered for our programming are brilliant ways to introduce unique perspectives. Some we've used: about mental illness and recovery: IRIS, SHINE, W47TH STREET, BACK FROM MADNESS, MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES CROSS; and other topics like head injuries: POST CONCUSSION, BREAKAWAY, WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD; child protection, addiction: PROTECTION, mind altering substances: HOFMANN'S POTION.

Monthly Mental Health Film Series The Department of Psychiatry's (UBC) Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development program and Pacific Cin,mathSque have recently launched a Monthly Mental Health Film Series called 'Frames of Mind'. Screenings will be held at 7:30pm on the third Thursday evening of each month at the Pacific Cin,mathSque Theatre, 1131 Howe Street.

Ron Skelton, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria

Community Links

Friends of Music is a non-profit, charitable association, in Victoria, that utilizes music as the basis for its partnership between those people who have a mental illness and those who do not.

Gettin' Higher Choir a "come as you are" choir bringing together a diverse group of over two hundred singers, who are re-discovering the joy of singing.

Ocean Island Victoria and BC Guide The funky and fabulous guide to shopping, entertainment, music, dining and nightlife.

West Coast Media Society is a group who are deeply concerned about the role of media in our country, especially radio, television, satellite, andcable.

Movie Links

British Columbia Film Classification, Ratings And Classification Systems

Film in BC, Canada

Post ConcussionThis special movie was shown 26 May 2003 special for Asian Heritage Month. I'd been tracking this film down for years, and it was worth the wait! It's a brilliant and entertaining film and a great third film on the topic of head injury for MM (after When Billy Broke His Head and Breakaway) Daniel Yoon taught himself filmmaking and made this first-person dramatized account of his life-changing accident and recovery Pg 13

Real Madness Film Festival, London, England, 19 to 22 June 2003

Rendezvous With Madness

Salt Spring Film Festival Society - they do a bang up documentary fest every March and occasional screenings and workshops during the year.

Shadows of the Mind, film festival the movie exhibition and video information alternative.

Virtual Silver Screen Now you can see all sorts of interesting, and quirky, historical films 24 hours a day on the Internet as part of Library and Archives Canada's new Virtual Silver Screen website.

Victoria Movie Theatres - up-to-date listings of Victoria movie showtimes and details provided by webvictoria. "Everything you need to know about Victoria BC's movies!!"