Strictly Ballroom - 15 Apr 2002

Well, we're coming up to 500 events! April 15, as close as MacDonald's counts billions of burgers.

When I started this caper, June 14 1993, I was pretty anxious about planning a week ahead to be on deck for the next show. We thought we'd try showing a couple of films for ourselves and a few patients and ex-patients.

This week I'm putting out my new sched, lining up really special events two months ahead and scheming others well into the summer. Movie Monday is now bringing artists from all over to engage our audiences with stories that reach way beyond the images on the screen. And the whole community is welcome.

Films are coming from all sorts of places beyond the video stores. This week I received My Left Breast from Gerry in Newfoundland (her own story), and three docs about the Fly Away Home real story, two copies of an acrobatic bike video D.I.R.T. shot by a couple of riders in Duncan, and a promising life story of an artist from Whidby Island, by way of Saltspring. I returned one to Iceland.

On MM's 9th Anniversary I'll be in Vancouver at the invitation of Dr. Harry Karlinsky, at UBC Dept of Psychiatry's Continuing Education Clinical Day, speaking about how film can be used to increase understanding of mental illness and recovery. I'm the only one in the list of presenters that's a "Mr". Me and 33 doctors! The audience will be psychiatrists, line workers, and other educators who might take home some ideas, some ideas direct from a patient's point of view, about the impact film can have in mental health. I've learned it all in my own laboratory. All these Monday nights.

Dr. Dean Brooks, who came to my theatre 8 years earlier to speak about his part in the landmark film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, will be there. He'll join our panel in the evening with a splendid documentary about the making of that film, Completely Cuckoo, that I introduced to Canada. This is a very cool thing!

Five minutes on CFAX last week, nice photo/article in the Vancouver Sun last Monday, CBC radio Friday at 6:50am, same article in our own TC today, the Nexus, Camosun's student paper next week. It's getting around. It's a good story and it keeps on getting better.

Best Regards, Bruce
Movie Monday Mar 24/02