31 March 2011 at Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU, Vancouver, BC
11 April 2011 at Movie Monday

World Premiere! 31 March 2011, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU

Part of an evening of films and discussion "Exploring Bipolar Disorder and Creativity" by CREST.BD

The films were followed by a post-screening dialogue session facilitated by Bruce Saunders and Dr. Erin Michalak. The evening provided a venue for the community to engage in discussion about creativity and bipolar disorder, with a focus on how wellness is nurtured through creativity, and possible alternatives to the stigmas and stereotypes associated with bipolar disorder as represented in the media.
Bob Choma and
Bruce Saunders

Chomavision, a documentary about an amazing 86 year old artist who is bipolar. A graduate of EMP, his life has been a classic creative, chaotic story - from tutoring from several of the Group of Seven as a kid, running a couple highly productive businesses, alcohol problems, mood swings to rediscovering his creative muse as an outsider artist later in life.

Listen to Bruce being interviewed by Sheryl MacKay on CBC Radio British Columbia, North by Northwest, 10 min.

Read a story about Bruce Saunders and ChomaVision by Roszan Holmen of the Victoria News (2 Apr 2011). Also read Clearing Up Mental Stigmas by Danielle Pope of the Monday Magazine (7 Apr 2011).