Movie Monday Special Events

Part of the scope of the Movie Monday Project is to provide, as well as entertainment - quality, thought-provoking material on topics around mental health and mental illness. On the mental health / illness theme, 35up and Rain Man, Angel At My Table, Life Is Sweet, have been screened and Awakenings, Fearless, Jesus Of Montreal, were other very popular M.M. evenings, all followed by stimulating discussions, with panels or individual expert contributors.

Movie Monday's about more than just a free movie...we're the only place in town that can present movies in this way...come warm a seat and participate in the process. This positive 'consumer' initiative grows stronger with your support!

Other Special Events listed chronologically:

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Sponsorland, 23 Jun 2018
Times-Colonist article by Jack Knox, 19 Jun 2018
CFAX interview of Bruce Saunders on MM's 25th, 18 Jun 2018
The Unofficial Trial Of Alexandra Morton, 26 May 2018
Waterwalker, 16 Oct 2017
Mr Zaritsky On TV, 10 Jul 2017
Spirit Unforgettable, 29 May 2017
West 47th Street, 8 May 2017
Life Animated, 17 Oct 2016
Marion Bridge - 3 Oct 2016
films by Charles Wilkinson, 18 Jul 2016
Carfree Stories From The Non-Driving Life, 11 Jul 2016
Bye Bye Blues, 13 Jun 2016
Huntington's Dance, 24 May 2016
CFAX interview of Fiona Rayher, 16 May 2016
Bye Bye Blues, 11 Mar 2016
A Climate Revolution For All – COP21: An Inside View, 15 Jan 2016
Finding Normal, 21 Apr 2015
Alien Boy, 20 Apr 2015
Calm Seas: Keys to the Successful Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, 15 Apr 2015
Alive Inside, 19 Jan 2015
Codebreaker, 12 Jan 2015
INSIGHTS Fall 2014 - Focus On Dementia
Huntington's Dance, Special fundraising screening, 9 Jul 2014
Right By You Victoria Ride for Youth Mental Health, 10 May 2014
The Anonymous People, 5 May 2014
Asian Canadian short films, 10 Mar 2014
INSIGHTS Silver Screen Insights Into Mental Health, 2013-2014
Unfaithful Mind, 5 Oct 2013
Bruce Saunders on CFAX Radio, 3 Oct 2013, discussing Silver Screen Insights Into Mental Health
Open Dialogue, a Mental Health Week Event, 6 May 2013
Reluctant Genius: The Passionate Life And Inventive Mind Of Alexander Graham Bell, 15 Apr 2013
Erin Michalak, leader of the CREST.BD network on CFAX Radio, 18 Mar 2013
Bruce Saunders on CFAX Radio, 6 Feb 2013
William Kurelek's The Maze, 17 August 2011
Daughter of Chaos, 10 March 2012
BD Creativity and Movies, by Bruce Saunders of Movie Monday for CREST.BD on Consultation Day, 1 April 2011
ChomaVision, 31 March 2011 and 11 April 2011
The Storytelling Class: Canadian documentary impresses Movie Monday crowd, 14 Jan 2011
Oliver Schroer - Silence At The Heart Of Things, 17 May 2010
The Reena Virk Story, 21 November 2009
The Soloist – including discussion with Dr John Gray, 5 October 2009
Films and Forums about Homelessness, 24, 25 and 26 January 2009
Cracked Not Broken 24 Nov 2008 - Dr Gabor Maté was our guest to talk about his ground breaking book on addiction, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, and to share thoughts on the Toronto film Cracked Not Broken.
Georgie Girl 15 Nov 2008 - Meet Georgina Beyer. A one-time sex worker of Maori descent turned public official, becoming the first transgender person to hold national office.
Film & Forum For Mental Illness Awareness & Homelessness 7 Oct 2008 - A documentary about a Bulgarian psych hospital and its resourceful administrator who tries everything from silk worm, snail, and ostrich farming to keep his institution afloat and its inhabitants occupied.
The Devil Plays Hardball 6 Oct 2008 - a wild and original look at the extraordinary life of Frankie Wilde, the legendary DJ, who tragically went deaf, then disappeared.
A special event for Mental Health Week 5 May 2008 - Two new documentaries about positive outcomes for serious mental illness conditions, Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder: Back From The Edge and Not Just A Bad Day
Georgi and the Butterflies 30 Oct 2006 - A documentary about a Bulgarian psych hospital and its resourceful administrator who tries everything from silk worm, snail, and ostrich farming to keep his institution afloat and its inhabitants occupied.
Jupiter¹s Wife 7 and 8 Nov 2005 - JUPITER'S WIFE tells the story of a beguiling homeless woman living in New York City's Central Park. Also William J. MacPhee, founder and publisher of Schizophrenia Digest, spoke candidly about the effects of schizophrenia at a Community Forum sponsored by the B.C. Schizophrenia Society Victoria Branch on 8 November 2005.
Manic 15 Aug 2005 - director David Dawson presented his film MANIC, a drama dealing with the onset of bipolar disorder.
Laura Sky 23 - 25 Apr 2005 - director Laura Sky presented two films: My Son the Tattoo Artist and Crisis Call
Brain Injury Series - UVic 22 Sep - 17 Nov 2004 - a series of films designed to bring students and the community together to better understand brain injury and its consequences.
My Name Is Walter James Cross 14 Apr 2003 - a film that portrays schizophrenia.
Suicide 14 Oct 2002 - an under explored topic viewed through three films: Taste of Cherry, rollercoaster and Ordinary People.
Lulu Keating 4 Mar 2002 - presented two contrasting documentaries about women.
Reel Madness comes to Vancouver 6 - 13 Nov 2001 - Bruce Saunders of Victoria's Movie Monday presented two evenings of films with something to say about mental illness and recovery.
Protection 22 Oct 2001 - Canadian filmmaker Bruce Spangler presented this extraordinary feature about a child protection worker.
Ordinary People 22 Apr 1996 - a powerful movie dealing with the trauma from the loss of a child and his sibling is struggling to recover a normal life after a stay at a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt.
Exotica 28 Oct 1995 - Atom Egoyan's work introduced by his father Joseph Egoyan.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 14 Oct 1995 - one of the most famous and controversial movies about psychiatric institutions and the people they serve.
Mr. Jones 27 Feb 1995 - a movie about a man dealing with manic-depression.
Benny & Joon 6 Dec 1993 - a movie about a woman affected by mental illness.
David Burgess Partnership Forum - the involvement of "consumers" in a psychiatric clinic