The Reena Virk Story
21 November 2009

Special guests Suman and Manjit Virk appear with filmmakers, Larry Moore and Cathie Douglas (Heartspeak Productions), for a special presentation of The Reena Virk Story during Anti-Bullying and Restorative Justice Week November 15 -22 with this years theme; Communities
Manjit & Suman

Suman, Reena & Manjit
Responding to Human Needs. With the complexities of an adversarial process finally complete, the four worked together to create a documentary in Reena's memory and to encourage dialogue about what can be learned from the tragedy.

Reena Virk was only fourteen when she was beaten and drowned by a group of her peers in a middle-class suburb of Victoria, B.C. For over a decade now, Reena's parents, Suman and Manjit Virk, have struggled through rage and grief, bureaucracy and trials, media and misinformation; yet their main focus remains on the life affirming values of service, compassion, truth and understanding. Their dedication to the prevention of similar tragedies, has led them into restorative dialogue with communities, educators and even Warren Glowatski, one of the youths responsible for Reena's death. Manjit and Suman's courageous journey brings us to reconsider much of what we believe about love, conflict, compassion and justice. Watch Trailer and listen to a recent interviewed Manjit Virk (scroll down a bit).

This presentation offers the community an opportunity to participate in a dialogue with our special guests, the Virks, following the film.

The Filmmakers

Cathie Douglas & Larry Moore
In their passion for seeking, learning and experiencing healing justice, Cathie Douglas and Larry Moore produce films dedicated to restorative justice education and knowledge sharing. Their experience included volunteer work with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) where they met Warren Glowatski. Through an employment training project, Mr. Glowatski assisted in the creation of A Healing River - An Invitation to Explore Restorative Justice Values and Principals (Heartspeak Productions 2004).

Both films are available in MM's Yo Video Collection with public and educational rights.

Cathie and Larry live in Kaslo BC where they create their educational videos and maintain a free public education youtube channel about restorative practises, healing justice and related topics.

MM greatly appreciates funding from Canada Council For The Arts that makes filmmaker visits like this possible!