Exotica, by Atom Egoyan, has woninternational fame for Victoria's own film maker. Atom's work has gained critical acclaim and a following, but now, with a major prize at Cannes and 8 Genies including Best Picture, and world wide distribution, this is the'Big One'

Already Movie Monday has shown Atom's excellent 'Next of Kin'his first commercial film, made on a tiny budget - crisp, thrifty production style that took nothing away from a great screenplay. We've shown it twice. The second time Atom's father, Joseph, who lives in Victoria, spoke at length after the show about his son's career, the semi-autobiographical themes that run through much of his work, and his break-through success with Exotica, (then in it's first theatrical release). It was a wonderful opportunity for our audience to get a glimpse of the process behind the product!

I was knocked out by Exotica when I saw it. Its powerful imagery, complete control of the medium, and fascinating characterisations and plotting are inspired film making. Although it's a challenge to show a film with such strong sexual imagery in a venue such as ours, I was determined to present it. As I had done with 'Cuckoo's Nest', I wanted to set it in a constructive context - not just show, what to some would be, an overwhelming piece without a chance to work out some of the strong issues presented.

When I asked Joseph Egoyan to help me present Exotica at M. M., he agreed immediately. He will introduce the film and, after the screening, discuss the many issues that surround a film of this magnitude.