Monday 15 August 2005
also short: Tom, David & Emily

MANIC is a drama dealing with the onset of bipolar disorder in a husband and father and the impact that it has on his family. It was written produced and directed by Dr David Dawson, a psychiatrist, novelist, artist, now gallery owner and filmmaker living in Hamilton, Ontario. He was born in Victoria. Other films he's presented at Movie Monday are MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES CROSS and DRUMMERBOY The film tackles some important ground that, with discussion and Dr. Dawson there as a resource, should make for a good, informative event. PG13 more about the film.

Plus TOM, DAVID AND EMILY, a short film about another of the filmmaker's artistic pursuits, on location landscape painting.
Dr. David Dawson

The creative source behind DrummerBoy Film Inc. (MANIC, DRUMMER BOY, MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES CROSS) is Dr. David Dawson. A graduate of the University of British Columbia medical school in Vancouver, Dawson is a board certified psychiatrist, a former chief of psychiatry at the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, and a professor of psychiatry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Drawing much of his inspiration and ideas from his knowledge of medicine, psychiatry and his work with people with severe psychiatric disorders, Dawson has expanded beyond that to become a highly respected novelist, artist and screenwriter.

The author of four novels, Dawson was once described by Publishers Weekly as "a sure-handed competitor of Robin Cook". His novel, Double Blind, was described by that same publication as "a medical mindblower". Dawson's other novels are: The Intern, Essondale, and Last Rights. His novels have been translated into other languages and printed throughout Europe as well as being distributed in Canada and the United States.

Having been taught to draw by his mother when he was growing up in Victoria, British Columbia, Dawson began doing watercolour sketches of landscapes while on holidays which he then turns into large oils on his return. His work has been shown in Toronto, Victoria and Hamilton galleries prior to the opening of his own gallery. Since 1995, Dawson has been the co-owner of the Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton. Housed in an historic renovated factory building overlooking Hamilton Harbour, the gallery not only showcases Dawson's own works but that of many of the best artists in the area. It also serves as home and studio for Dawson and his family. TOM, DAVID, and EMILY is a new short film about his landscape painting passion.

Dr Dawson¹s long CV reveals his expertise including: 1987 ­ 1995 Project leader in development of the following programs: Dual Diagnosis, Schizophrenia Rehabilitation, Mood Disorder, Acute Admission and Crisis Service, Secure Forensic Service. 1987 - 1995. Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Clinical Director, Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital. He has presented his films MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES CROSS and DRUMMERBOY at Movie Monday in 2003 and 2004 respectively and his accessability and expertise has been greatly appreciated by the audience.