Brain Injury Film Discussion Series
22 Sep - 17 Nov 2004

Screenings by Movie Monday in co-operation with Dr. Ron Skelton of UVic's Dept. of Psychology specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience Dr. Ron Skelton's website

At the David Lam Auditorium, University of Victoria
All great films with discussion opportunities that broach the subject of brain injury

This is a series of films, monthly on Wednesday nights, is designed to bring students and the community together to better understand brain injury and its consequences. Brain injury is a serious problem for society, and an awesome challenge for those affected by it. It is also widely misunderstood. This film series is a small effort to bring people together to learn more about how brain injury affects people, and to discuss issues around brain injury."

8:00 pm Wednesday 22 September 2004
When Billy Broke His Head and other tales of wonder
When Billy Golfus, an award-winning radio journalist, became brain injured in a motor scooter accident, he became one of the forty-three million Americans with disabilities the nation's largest and most invisible minority. But this video, as he says, "ain't exactly your inspirational cripple story." It's a documentary with attitude, which will entertain, enlighten, and even enrage its viewers.
8:00 pm Wednesday 20 October 2004
The second in a series exploring brain injury co-hosted by psychology proffessor Dr Ron Skelton whose specialty is Cognitive Neuroscience.A multi-award winning, provocative, and inspirational documentary about two guys in Nova Scotia who have had life changing injuries, one pretty much recovered helping the other to maximize his recovery. With discussion including special guests. I'm in touch with Robert and Doug and have more of their story and an update to answer your curiosity. Read a recent letter from Robert.

8:00 pm Wednesday 17 November 2004
Are you ready for a challenge? This is a tough thriller with a twist. We get into the minds eye of a man who has lost his memory but is determined to avenge his wife's murder. It's not spoiling the experience by telling you ahead of time that it starts at the end and works toward the start, except for the bits that go the other way. R Warning: some violence, there may be lots of discussion after the credits roll.