A new collaboration brings more Movie Monday titles to library patrons

List of Movie Monday films housed with GVPL as of Nov 2016

Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL) now holds a select collection of films previously screened at Movie Monday events. gvpl_logo The films have been purchased by Movie Monday and donated to GVPL, which provides cataloguing and the services to enable public access to these eclectic titles for home viewing.

"These are titles I'm passionate about and have been enjoyed by my audiences. The films are harder to source and might have been not affordable at GVPL but now are accessible to the public," says Bruce Saunders, programmer and founder of the Movie Monday Society.

A keyword search at http://www.gvpl.ca for "Movie Monday Films" will find this collection within the GVPL's catalogue.

Excellent locally made documentaries that have been a part of Movie Monday's programming are available and other indigenous stories are included. Of course, with Movie Monday having roots in the mental health community, there are many titles that explore mental illness and substance use and circumstances that can isolate people from mainstream life.

Both Movie Monday and the GVPL are registered charities committed to community-driven services such as this and gratefully accept donations through their websites.

Monday Movies housed with GVPL as of Nov 2016

20h 17 Rue Darling
Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth
Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse
Alma Drawings, The
Art is a Mirror
Art of PeaceMaking, The
Baseball Girls
Being Innu
Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives
Black Fly
CarFree: Stories from the non-driving life
Clouds of Sils Marie
Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
Conceiving Family
Cracked not Broken
Cry Rock
Curtain Call
Daddy & Papa: a story about gay fathers in America
David Francey: Burning Bright
Death by Joy
Dialogues with Madwomen
Dog Gone Addiction
Downtown Dawgs: the Road to the Homeless World Cup
Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster
Experimental Eskimos, The
Facing the Demons
Family Matters: surviving the bipolar journey
Ferron: girl on a road
Fetching Cody
Finding Normal
Forty Nine Degrees: A Surfers' Tale
Friend Indeed, A: The Bill Sackter Story
Genius of Marian
Girl on the Road
God Save Justin Trudeau
Granny Power
Here Are the News: The life of Miss Edith Josie
Hidden Pictures: a personal journey into global mental health
Homeless in Paradise
Hoppy the Deer [The Incredible Story of]
How to Change the World
Jupiter's Wife: a haunting real-life mystery
Killer Whale and Crocodile
Kuper Island: Return to the Healing Circle
Life's a Twitch
Linsanity: The True Story of Jeremy Lin
Loving Lampposts
Lowdown Tracks
Man of a Thousand Songs, The
Monster Road
Mountain Runners
Music for Mandela
My Name is Walter James Cross
Mystic Ball
Northern Grease
Out of the Shadow
Ping Pong
Rebels with A Cause
Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen
Smokin' Fish
Strangers in Town
Summer in the Cage, A
This Ain't no Mouse Music
This Way of Life
Twitch City